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Issues with my cursor

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  • Issues with my cursor

    Hi Cellery here, I'm new to the forums and the game. Im having some pretty frustrating issues with my cursor in game. It kind of just does what it wants half the time. If im making quick wide strokes with my mouse it's not as noticable. But when im trying to be precise like say pushing the numbers for my bank pin. The cursor tends to pull in some wild direction. Any ideas?

    Thanks a ton,

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    Hey Cellery, maybe this will fix your issue:
    Flickering Mouse

    To fix this problem go to your Flyff folder usually located at C:\Program Files\Webzen\Flyff then right-click on Neuz.exe. Select properties and click on the Compatibility tab. Then mark the check box labeled "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" then apply and ok. Run the game and your mouse problems should be fixed.


    • Cellery
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      Thank you so much worked like a charm. Dont know if it is because I am on windows 10 but i had to do a little digging to get into that compatibility tab first.
      All worked out though thanks a ton

    • (MOD)NyKo
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      Great, thanks for letting me know