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Official Yetti WTB/WTS Thread

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  • Official Yetti WTB/WTS Thread

    Welcome to the Official Yetti WTB & WTS Thread!

    This thread replaces the old sale forums. If you want to sell or are looking for an item, you can post here! Any interested buyer or seller can then use the Comment function of your post to reply. Please do not post a reply to a request or offer, always use the comment function. Otherwise your post will be deleted.

    Also, please keep in mind that WEBZEN is not responsible for any agreements made between players here. If one side shouldn't live up to his end of the trade, we won't be able to assist you here.

    That being said...happy trading!


  • #2
    Harlequin Crackshooter Force Master Seraph Slayer Templar Arcanist Mentalist
    M V M V M V M V M V M V M V M V
    Helmet 2 3 1 3
    Suit 1
    Gaunts 1 5 1 1 2 1
    Boots 4 1 2


    • KumiChan
      KumiChan commented
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      I like these Tables you guys do for weapons, so neat and organized *Thumbs up*

    • BadPhucker
      BadPhucker commented
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      NyKo do you farm lvl 125 equips? If so I am looking for a knight set or pieces. IGN KingSlayer

    • (MOD)NyKo
      (MOD)NyKo commented
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      Hi BadPhucker, i do farm 125 pieces but atm i got no knight parts for sale.

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    Weapon Island of Dreams (80) Island of Dreams
    Cove of Ancient(95) Cove of Ancient
    Christina A(110) Christina (110Master) Lusaka(75) Crystal Lusaka
    Cursed Aminus
    (120Master Ancient)
    (120Vampire Weapon)
    1H Sword 1
    1H Axe
    2H Sword 1 4 1 1
    2H Axe 1
    Bow 1 1 1
    Yoyo 1 1 1
    Stick 2 1
    Knuckle 2
    Staff 1
    Wand 3

    sniper 150H Kingpin of Attitude


    • Sniper
      Sniper commented
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      as of now Fem im looking for offers

    • Femke
      Femke commented
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      Well we all know I have no clue about prices, because everybody always OP's everything, so I'm kinda lost with that.
      But if you want to sell it, please let me know

    • Kaunas
      Kaunas commented
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      If you get Mastercraft Monarch (lvl 110- 2H axe) mail Toros :3

  • #4
    Oh GeeZus, having to write ANOTHER list in less than a week. Imma get carputunnel ( I have no idea if I spelt that right and IDC. )

    • Rose Helmet with +45 Sta total and +50 MP
    • Wind S Card x1
    • 39 XPros
    • Lusaka Crystal Yoyo (Lame awake nothing bad, but decent +22str Fusion)
    • Dragon Cloak of the Hero (+14 all stats)
    • Vene Cloak F
    • Vene Mask F ( Addoch one )
    • More to be added
    • Edin Jars 1d/7d
    • Qamps 1day
    • Traseia/ DT tickets
    • More to be added as I convert.

    Please note:

    I have the right to refuse/withdrawl a offer/item at ANY time. Make your offers reasonable and I will sell my items resonably. All comments below that are not reasonable or wanted will result in my not selling anything else to you EVER in the future. I accept Perin and also items as payment, as long as itll equal to or close enough to what im asking for. If you are commenting to sell me a item I am looking for, do NOT put "offer" simply comment the a/w price you want for it. I dont have time for the back and forth haggling nonsense. Dont waste my time and I won't waste yours.


    RainsRanger, RainsRM, Rains(insert job title here )

    Don't cha just love all the purty colors /ridicule...... :'( I miss my /ridi
    Need to submit aTicket?

    Originally posted by NyKo
    Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.


    • Soulless
      Soulless commented
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      Not to sure on that one just yet hun, with all the changes in the economy. Im open to items of any kind and perins.

    • Femke
      Femke commented
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      Lol yeah, I also dont have a clue about prices.

    • Soulless
      Soulless commented
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      Im sure we can work something iout Fem Im interested in RM / Arc stuff but would also take other items Im not picky. Last I sold my other Vene cloak before the merge was for 425b and seen a mask go for 85.

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    sup guys who likes to buy stuff?, coz stuff is good


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      they should have made these kind of treads sticky
      Proud member of TenaciouS


      • Groose
        Groose commented
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        5 trading thread sticky's is a bit too much

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      sooo i revived mine also

      Kodiaks Buying and selling list.

      130 Mentalist Helmet F
      Ancient YoYo
      2X2 H Protects
      Fpros 20X
      Scroll of Guild Name change
      Powerscrolls 10X
      Gold Battery (20 days)
      4X 1D Trazzy
      Pet Revival S Class
      S Class Pet Food (autofood for 15 Days no pet feed needed, S class pets only)

      Acquis High and Low

      Leader Of Nemesis
      Kodiak FM 150H
      deka Mentalist 150H
      Morhedin Templa 150H
      tungusGER Seraph 150H

      TenaciouS Member
      zatoichi Slayer 150H


      • #8
        Linkz stuffs :3

        Item name/
        • Lusaka's Stick
        • Anc. Wand
        • Lusaka's Yo-yo
        • Lusaka's C. Yo-yo
        • Water S (payment in Gpro scrolls)
        • Electric S [2x]
        • AMP ES [35x] (non-stackable, payment in Gpro scrolls))
        • Land S (payment in Gpro scrolls)

        • Eldins Jar 7 Days
        • Ancient Bow
        • Mastercraft Monarch (110-M 2h axe)

        Mail or PM me ingame, Linkz


        • #9
          1000+ mp vagrant parts
          mail or pm Seer ing


          • #10
            Bump for this topic, no one is gone find it on page 3 xD


            • #11
              hey guys im wanting to buy a cruiser set+ wateva and with good-great awakes my name ingame is YJbyakuya, cheers.


              • #12
                Can i get a price check on a few items? (Buying / Selling)

                • Ancient Bow
                • x8 Q amps (7day)
                • x24 acqui high
                • Electric A
                • 160 Gingerbread


                • Sion
                  Sion commented
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                  Hello, I am looking for Acqui highs, pm or mail me in game. IGN: ICanDoThisHard

              • #13

                Cruiser set +10 28% atk
                Trade Rabbit Lvl S 45 Dex for a Tiger a same stats
                Trade Arek ring +18 for vigor
                Anc bow(need unbin) 5/5 All Elec's A's Awek 9%icd and with fuse bow 3/3 Elec's A's Awek 22%icd / Element +17 Wind


                • Binglandesh
                  Binglandesh commented
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                  ign; Binglandesh

                • JustinRuijpers
                  JustinRuijpers commented
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                  Yo how much for the cruiser, rabbit? mail JustinRuijpers

                • Keydash
                  Keydash commented
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                  how much cruiser? ign: KeydasH

              • #14

                Lusaka weapons: Wand, 1H Sword, 1H Axe, 2h Sword & Knuckle

                Lusaka Crystal weapons: 2H Sword, Wand, Stick, Knuckle, Staff & Bow

                Angel, Historic and Guardian weapons. Taytra, Dretra & Yakadin knuckle.

                Khan mask M & F
                Mental neck+9 & +9 Peison neck.
                Ancient runes
                36 Diamonds, 37 Emeralds, 67 Sapphires, 93 Rubys & 99 Topazes.
                All Clockbikes (White, Orange & Purple)
                Bronze glory wings
                Elegant white wings
                Magic Carpet
                Ultimate LGA 4/4 Electric B +22 dex awaking.
                Land A card
                Egg hatchers x15
                Scroll of reduction A x1
                8x Reskill
                +17% DCT vaggy gloves (M)
                Flower Faerie cs set (F)
                Dragon Yukata set (M)
                Santa hat F & M
                Bull's hat (M)
                Rudolph nose
                Bushido yukata set (M)
                Plugs +14 x2
                Vigor+9 x1
                Lapi ring x1
                Dreamweaver Mask 2014
                Taegeuk Cloak
                Usagi 0/2, Tommy Toucan & Baby Cow.
                A lot of Sunstones & Moonstones
                Flask of Lion, Tiger, Rabbit, Fox & Stone.
                Upcut stones
                FUN, FOR and FLY's
                Lawolf and Losha Transboxes (included "no disguises")
                A lot of balloons that add 200 hp for 5 in game days.
                All Lvl 75 Green parts
                Pet revival scroll A/B
                2000 or more Ball of crawns (To make invasions )
                Eggs that add 5% dct/5% atk speed for 3 min.
                Cloak of Night sky
                Collector +5

                Qamps 1day
                Good mp vaggy gear
                Good cruiser set

                L/O in this post or mail/pm me in game. IGN = ICanDoThisHard


                • Soulless
                  Soulless commented
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                  a/w for the Ball Crowns ? Mail me IGN RainsRanger

              • #15
                on page 3 no one finds us

                Leader Of Nemesis
                Kodiak FM 150H
                deka Mentalist 150H
                Morhedin Templa 150H
                tungusGER Seraph 150H

                TenaciouS Member
                zatoichi Slayer 150H