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Official Yetti WTB/WTS Thread

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  • Magitook
    started a topic Official Yetti WTB/WTS Thread

    Official Yetti WTB/WTS Thread

    Welcome to the Official Yetti WTB & WTS Thread!

    This thread replaces the old sale forums. If you want to sell or are looking for an item, you can post here! Any interested buyer or seller can then use the Comment function of your post to reply. Please do not post a reply to a request or offer, always use the comment function. Otherwise your post will be deleted.

    Also, please keep in mind that WEBZEN is not responsible for any agreements made between players here. If one side shouldn't live up to his end of the trade, we won't be able to assist you here.

    That being said...happy trading!


  • JogoPL
    Buy: Lusaka Bow

    Sell: Chance of Pet Tamer 1.3b ea
    Guardian sword 1h 400m ea
    Guardian Yoyo 140m
    Guardian Ambi axe 80m ea

    IGN: JogoJester or LeecherJ

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  • Matanda
    Buying bp staff such a set+10 knuc adept set, wise set male,rudo set ign Matanda

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  • XgamerXgodX
    Buying Champ Demol Earring mail XgamerXgodX with your price and info!

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  • Stjimmy93
    B> Lusaka Bow/Bow of echoes & Lusaka knuc/madness Mail: Furoru ^^

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  • Kariish96
    Buying Legendary golden bow or lusaka bow and rasra pieces
    mail AngelParadise with details and price please

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  • FlyForNiniko
    commented on 's reply
    I'm broke as can be, but when needed i can get money to buy new fashion :T
    Just need people to sell said fashion :C

  • MsYuzuru


    Rudolf Hat (M) 1x
    Snowboarder set(no hat)(M)
    Hiphop Suit 1x
    White Cactus Hair1x

    Milk Cow(F) No Gloves and Boots
    Bunny Hat 2x
    Cat Ear 2x
    I Believe I Can Fly Helmet(Kai Hat Transmuted) 1x
    Setting The Sun Set(M) 1x

    Rising The Sun Set(M) 1x
    Demon Hat 1x
    Forest Faerie Set 1x
    Bijin Yukata Set (No Hat) 2x
    Enchantress Set 1x

    Cloak of the Night Sky 5x
    Matadors Cloak 2x

    Pick-Up Pets

    Zombie Pet 6x
    Johnny Four Wheel 2x
    Ghost Pet 2x
    Baby Ripper Cage 5x
    Baby Mia 1x


    Shurain Shield 41 Dex
    Vaggy Helm +47 str (M)
    Vaggy Helm +45 str(F)
    Grim Set +7(No awakes)
    Woodness Bow +275 Attack, -300 Fp
    Flury Set +3 decent awakes

    Random Items

    Ball of Crown (30/40/50/60/65/70/A/B/C/D) 846x
    Gold Package 5x
    Pet Tamer Box 24x
    15x Sprotects



    Mail: Yuzuru

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  • MsYuzuru
    commented on 's reply
    Welp Rich :L

  • BLitZ3n
    B> sunstones

    pm GaMBLitZ

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  • FlyForNiniko

    I am interested in Fashion. i already have quite a few sets so if you're interested in selling let me know.

    Mainly looking for:
    Heart Breaker Gloves/Shoes
    Mizu Yakuta 2011 Hat
    Pink Dress Set ( not Dressed up, People seem to get them mixed up a lot )
    (only Female&Clean Fashion)

    Defenders set+3 5/5 - Comment w/o
    1 Day Dark Traseia Ticket - Comment w/o

    Pumpkin Mask - 10mill

    Braaaains - 200mill
    Naughty Ghost - 100mill
    Baby Ripper Cage - 300mill

    Side note:
    I also Collect any Green set pieces.
    i collect these for fun to help new players
    So if you're willing to donate that would be great but if wanting money just let me know and we can come up with a price

    [If this thread is still alive will update my post time from time]

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  • Sqautz2p33
    my name is Sqautz2p33 on yetti im looking for full blain / nox +10 pst me in game. thanks.

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  • Vexirus
    S>AncientStaff+8 Fused
    First Awake:
    Speed -1
    Mp -250
    Icd -7
    Pierce stats: 36sta/1500hp, 48Int/16Dct
    Second Awake:
    Int: 25
    hp +50
    Pierce stats: 35int/10 dct

    or trade for the following things
    T>for blain/varain 4/4 40% atk good awake or if alright awake add wise mask(M)
    T>green/ulti fist 6/6-7/7 land S card
    T> shield sta awake with 7/7 Land S
    T> ulti fist+8 7/7 any piece card/any awake
    Or take any in-game offer.

    IGN: C0RN

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  • Fuzetsu
    I was wondering if anyone would have an Adept set to trade (Yetti- Server). I can offer 3 Water (S) Cards in return. my name in game is Patrick123

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  • BLitZ3n

    Premium Teleport Map
    Hot Ddukguk
    7% Earthquake Card
    Casino Helm (F)

    yetti server

    kind of new here.. need some money.. pm me

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