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    Okay I don't have much after being hacked *Yet again -_-* but may as well make this!

    Much like the wonderful rain said I reserve the right to choose who and if I sell to and to change my mind. More than likely I will sell but if you've previously scammed me or I know you to be a scammer or a**hole then to hell with you. I'm gonna be nice and courteous and I expect you to be so also. Now I'm not sure of prices and this is all just an estimate. Thank you aaaaaaand on we go!!!

    Clean Jewel of Nightmares (lvl 80 v18 yoyo) a/w 25b But taking offers
    Historic sword +7 / fire +3 Awake = atk speed +7% STR +16 speed +6% a/w 15b c/o 10b
    Dest Helm Dex +4 awake / Dest suit clean / Dest boots clean, Taking offers
    Angel Axe +7 fire +3 (2/2) 1 fire B 1 elec B / Awake = atk speed +1% STR +1 a/w 15b c/o 10b
    Clean Angel Staff a/w 5b taking any offers
    Guardian Yoyo +3 Fusion awake +16 STR MP -50 FP +150 a/w 5b taking offers
    4x Elec A cards a/w 15b each
    Water A card a/w 20b
    Full Marksman set +3 Again no clue of price taking all offers
    4x Xpros No Idea so taking offers <3
    Baby Cow No clue taking offers ^_^
    Hyper set +3 Clean helm / INT +1 DEX -1 on suit / Attack +5 on Gloves / MP +100 on Boots. Taking all offers
    UNBOUND Ancient Wand +3 (3/3) 26 INT 8 DCT / Awake = Def +4 DCT +5 Taking good offers
    Sparkle Shield +3 (3/3) 21 INT +6 DCT / Awake = STR +1 Dex +1 INT +25 (Transied to Toeffin) Taking good offers
    LG wand +3 (0/1) a/w 10b taking offers
    ​Adept Necklace +6 taking decent offers
    Female Vaggy helm transied to Khans Mask F Awake = STR +4 INT +10 INT +22 Taking offers
    Gynas set +3 (3/3) Attack +12% / MP +150 on helm / STR -16 INT +10 on suit / FP -50 DCT +6% FP +50 on gloves / Clean boots no clue of price taking offers
    Various F CS I don't know prices so I'm taking offers on all: Vampire hat / Pink Nurse hat / Dressed up hat / Dark Nurse suit / Bunny suit / Rudolph gloves / Gothic gloves / Maid gloves / 2x Pink Nurse shoes / Bunny shoes

    Grim set F clean for Grim set M clean / Grim set F clean + penya (or just penya) for Grim M set decent/good / Taking good offers
    Cloak of the Fierce Dragon king F (Venerable cloak) For Cloak of the Fierce Dragon king M (Vengeful preferred, Willing to add Penya/Items) / Selling for Epic offers only!


    (Please only decent prices. Don't be a d*uch and overprice your stuff)

    Dragon Mask M
    Male CS pieces (excluding suit) nothing ugly please <3
    Good STR shield at least over 30 awake
    Good STA shield and knuck (Over 30 awake on each)
    50x Apros 1b each
    Any Attack/STR boosters (elixers/upcuts/PoV/Power Scroll Etc.)
    Bead Slot Keys
    Good Perm beads
    Vitals & Activations

    That's it for now. If you're interested in anything or wanna contact me leave a comment here if you want but I'd prefer being mailed in game at either sexyunicorn or FattKidd. Thanks <3

    Lots of Love
    Nymph / Lexi <3


    • JustinRuijpers
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      How much for the sparkle shield mail me JustinRuijpers

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    Just had a thought! Some people may not know some of the lingo used here and in shops so I guess it's time for a list! Let me know if there's anything I forgot

    CS = Cash Shop
    M CS = Male CS (Fashion)
    F CS = Female CS (Fashion)
    B> = Buying
    S> = Selling
    T> = Trade
    M/O = Mail Offer
    M/P = Mail Price
    L/O = Leave Offer
    L/P = Leave Price
    M/N = Mail Name
    L/N = Leave Name
    A/W = Amount Wanted / Auto-Win / Average Worth
    L/N/P = Leave Name and Price
    M/N/P = Mail Name and Price
    L/D = Leave Details
    M/D = Mail Details
    L/D/P = Leave Details and Price
    M/D/P = Mail Details and Price
    AFK = Away From Keyboard


    • Sion
      Sion commented
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      Hello. It is a nice post. But I think A/W is more used as "Auto Win". And in some scenarios even "Average Worth".

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    - Fury Potions (+15% adoch/hr)
    -Upgraded Fury Potions(+30% adoch/hr)
    -Champion Ring+3
    -Champion Necklace+3
    -Resseruction Scrolls

    Leave names and offers (will contact you ingame if your offers good enough).


    • Sion
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      Im buying Champ ring - 10b IGN: ICanDoThisHard

    • JustinRuijpers
      JustinRuijpers commented
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      How many ressu scrolls u got much each?

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    Buy Bravery cloak Leave Price here


    • Sion
      Sion commented
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      Do you pay in Wcoin?

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    im wanting to buy jewel of nightmares(lvl 80 yoyo) ign is YJbyakuya


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      hi are you an aoe char with a leach and in need of a tank/rm for tower b1 ? if you are you're in luck I happen to be offering my services to those for the right price i'm willing to negotiate on price if you are low on funds but if possible i would like 2m/hr for cat and 5m/hr for others ill be available between the hours of 8 a.m. -12 p.m. central time mon-wen fri all day unless i'm busy in real life in which case if you do message me for services ill let you know you can contact me in game at buffsRms4 if i miss spelled my name i apologize and would update with correct info or you can message me here


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        Trading my Snobell set +15/15/13/17/14 + 150b + Hero Sunglasses for an eversnow set(clean or upgraded).
        Pm me please in game Yetti server: BangaSeraph/BangaRanger/BangaBP/BangaMage/BangaBlade/Bangatemplar


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          Buying Ancient Bow!! Leave a message with price, or mail me a price in game..

          IGN: Yaten


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            Trading items from Yetti for Tanuki penya

            Also willing to trade for similar items in Tanuki

            Items for trade:

            4x demol +12
            4x Vigor +9
            2x Gore +6
            G yo-yo +3 awake +25 str
            H yo-yo +3 awake adoch +9%
            Asal set (+3100ish mp)
            Jimbo the Snowman
            Full Cruiser +3
            28x Refresher hold
            2x clean G axe
            Collector +5
            Gold battery

            L/O in this post


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              Hello all well I need 100 apros 1b each mail me in game IGN: PALM


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                Hello Guys :3
                Buying ~
                Anyone have these pets they want to sell me?
                Baby Buur Cage
                Baby Gray Earl Cage
                Baby Ripper Cage
                Friendly Baby Kargo
                Lil' gPotato

                Nice Hyper/Cruiser Set
                Ancient Bow
                Vene Set (F)
                Eversnow Set
                Fire S
                Light 10%
                Volcano 10%
                IGN: Tokiwa


                • Sniper
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                  i have a baby gray earl

                • Yettiplayer
                  Yettiplayer commented
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                  i have fire S, volcano 10% and light 10%

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                Refer to the above image. Please mail Kutabare with any concerns. If it is not showing up for you like it is for


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                  Buying in penya Blessed Cloak of the Light Fashion Dragon M Ranez set +10 M Rudolf jewels


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                    if someone play on Yetti i have these items:
                    1. S> Shiny Glasses
                    2. S> Mental Necklace+11
                    3. S> Refresher Holds (x6)
                    4. S> Bull Hamstern(x7)
                    5. S> Vital Drink X (x5)
                    6. S> Demol Earring+12
                    7. S> FUN (x4)
                    8. S> Upcut Stone (x3)
                    9. S> Snow Fairy
                    10. S> Wedge Gauntlet(clean+0)
                    11. S> Lightning Card +4%
                    12. S> Recorn Gauntlet(clean+0)
                    All item on Yetti Server IGN Tortoide or i will Exchange same items or Penya to Lykan Server
                    also accept Wcoin or Bank Deposit xD

                    Lykan server IGN: Galleto

                    Mailbox o leave message private!! here, flyff or fb:
                    HTML Code:


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                      S>AmpS 9x 800m ea
                      S>Feed Bag 4b
                      S>Volcano 7% L/O
                      S>Azria 7 D 1.4b
                      S>Super Star candy 200m ea
                      S>Love Chocolate 150m ea

                      B>Cruiser Set +0-+8 with Asp/Str/Sta/Dex awake
                      B>GYoyo +0-+xx

                      IGN: JogoRM or JogoRanger

                      mail me offer Thanks


                      • MikeLT
                        MikeLT commented
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                        I have Gyoyo clean IGN:MikeLt or Baciukas