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Official Kargo WTB/WTS Thread

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  • Official Kargo WTB/WTS Thread

    Welcome to the Official Kargo WTB & WTS Thread!

    This thread replaces the old sale forums. If you want to sell or are looking for an item, you can post here! Any interested buyer or seller can then use the Comment function of your post to reply. Please do not post a reply to a request or offer, always use the comment function. Otherwise your post will be deleted.

    Also, please keep in mind that WEBZEN is not responsible for any agreements made between players here. If one side shouldn't live up to his end of the trade, we won't be able to assist you here.

    That being said...happy trading!


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    S>Epic Noctis Set+10 28% Attack

    Mail DeathIsHere in game for details


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      Items for SALE

      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __

      Accepting Offer's in : Penya / Gpot's / Gpro's / Land S / Reversion's / Spro's / Ancient Bow Upgraded / Cruiser Set Upgraded / 7% Lightning Cards

      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __


      Ancient Sword C/o : 80b+Unbind ~ A/w : Best Offer (( YOU NEED TO PROVIDE THE UNBIND ))

      NFL Shoes F

      Snowman Shoes F

      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

      Current Available Ancient Weapons

      1-H Sword x3

      Wand x1

      Yo-Yo x1

      Stick x1

      2-H Axe x2

      Knuckle x1

      2-H Sword x2

      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

      Current Available Vampire Weapons

      Knuckle x2

      1-H Axe x2

      1-H Sword x2

      Bow x2

      2-H Axe x3

      Wand x2

      Staff x2

      Stick x1

      Yo-Yo x1

      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __

      Other Items

      You can Contact Me In-Game Only, PM/Mail me to: ~Deyvid
      For More Guild Siege POV's Click here!

      God spares no salvation to those who would beg for it. Nor is he merciful to those who would beseech his benevolence. These petty requests are no invocation to god. They are your death.


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        That's my IGN. In this thread i'm a lonely ruler. I can change/move/switch/delete things as I please.
        I can ignore you, give you discount or ban you from my shop.
        You shall listen, nah I'm kidding. Just buy my stuff or sell me yours?


        If you have any of the following please don't hesitate to contact me.

        Upgraded Ancient Bow
        +6 or higher
        5 or more pierces atleast A cards
        Awakening doesn't matter

        Clean Vampire Bow

        Upgraded Cruister / Hyper Set
        +8 or higher
        16% Attack or higher
        ICD Awakes

        Clean Cruiser / Hyper Parts

        (Near) Perfect Lion
        Awakening doesn't matter

        (Near) Perfect Rabbit
        Awakening doesn't matter

        Vagrant Suit
        With 40+ INT Awake
        Male/Female doesn't matter

        Ancient Wand +8 or higher
        6 Piercings or more
        Preferably 16+ STA awake

        ANY Shield
        Piercings are no must
        Must have 35+ STA awake

        Lightning Card 10%
        I need like 2, leave your price.

        Twillight Set +10
        4 Piercings
        Preferably with STA awake

        Blessed cloak of the Light
        Sell me yours, be nice!

        Perfect Fox
        Or close to perfect
        Preferably 13 +INT awake

        Perfect Lion
        Or close to perfect
        Preferably 13 +INT awake

        Scroll of Intelligence
        I need a lot


        Close to free, but you need this. So you better buy it!

        S Class Fox +68INT
        +38STR Awake
        Might be trading for a Perfect fox/lion with decent awake


        Pretty baruna sword for all you templars.


        Don't be afraid to leave a offer! I don't bite, i think?
        ~ The realest.


        • ClockzChu
          ClockzChu commented
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          How do you bump this thread?

        • Juvenil
          Juvenil commented
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          I have a blessed cloak of the light and this anc bow for sale:
          ancient bow+6 (3% soul leech)
          5/5 elec S
          +14 water
          fusion ~
          6/6 land S
          +15 ICD
          +9 ICD
          +10 STA
          +65 Attack
          +100 HP

          price: 15k gpots for cloak and 15k for bow

          IGN: Juvenil

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        Welcome Kargonians to the new Portal. Hope you'll enjoy it! And now let's sell some, shall we?!
        1. 40x Diamonds a/w = 2bil each
        2. Magic Carpet a/w= no idea
        3. Bushido Yukata Set(M) a/w= highest offer
        4. Dragon Yukata Set(M) a/w = highest offer
        5. Yukata 2009(Set) a/w= highest offer
        6. Heartbreaker Set(F) a/w= highest offer
        7. Dreamweaver Mask 2014 a/w = highest offer
        8. Bodyguard Set(F) a/w=highest offer
        9. Tome of Obeah(135 psy book, needs unbind) a/w=highest offer
        10. 125 SET parts(I don't have all, so ask for what you need)
        11. v15 Jewelry pieces(champion, defender, adept, marksman)
        That's all for now, I can't remember what else I have for sale Please mail me the offers IN-GAME!
        IGN: SkiLLeR


        • OmegaMetroid
          OmegaMetroid commented
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          Do you have any Rayne (Lv.125 f. RM) parts? If so, about how much would you want?

        • Easyshot
          Easyshot commented
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          Hey do you have 2X Champion rings i would be willing to pay 10b per ring. Let me know either way and thank you so much
          IGN: NICEnEASY / easyshot

        • Flavi
          Flavi commented
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          Please mail me in-game offers, cus I rarely check forums, I don't like them, especially the new ones! And yes I have Rayne 125F parts, not sure which tho. I really don't know prices for 125 parts.

      • #6
        Arka's Shop

        Buing list:

        Vengeful Dragon Mask (M)
        Ancient Yoyo (upgraded)
        Scrolls of AProtect
        Scrolls of GProtect
        Selling list:

        Jesis Set +8
        +16 STA +10 STR +100 DEF (3/3) 12% HP

        c/o none
        a/w none

        Other items

        -St. Patrick's Day Cloak x3
        -Demol Earring +14 x2

        PM me on forums or mail me IG

        IGN: Arkadin


        • Hydrozed
          Hydrozed commented
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          I'm interested in your garnets, pm / mail me ~ Hydrozed

        • MissPasaway
          MissPasaway commented
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          I am interested w/ ur Uni w/ 1/3/5 Mail Flossie. Thank u

        • MonKa
          MonKa commented
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          40B for champ set

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        WTB a clean knighert glove mail or pm in game IGN Eragorth


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          800 mp silk gauntlet
          30 day baby luia

          IGN gaxx


          • ChochoWar
            ChochoWar commented
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            I am interested in your 800mp silk gauntlet by RizboFireFist. Mail me

        • #9
          Fire Card S

          IGN SasoriReborn


          • Pinocchio
            Pinocchio commented
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            do you hapen to have price on it?
            If yes then pm me

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          Hey everyone :3 I'll update this more most days when I get more things to sell and want more things to buy!
          Mail or /say me in-game, AFK quite a lot so usually best to mail if I don't reply! ImSmokin (Used the most) , ImHealin (Used a bit less)

          • Hero glasses (Post your c/o or a/w)
          • Cloak of light (Post your c/o or a/w)
          • All Spros (Post your price per)
          • 1x Ultimate Ancient 1H Sword & 1x Ultimate Ancient 1H Axe. (Does not need to be clean, can be upgraded with awakens. Post details)
          • Akan set with all parts +10 & 28% attack & awakens (I will post pictures of this later on with awakening details)
          • A number of Scroll of Name Changes - I will accept items or cash. Post your offers. (A/w per scroll is 40b)
          • A number of Scroll of Enhanced Party Skill Range [Red Scroll] 30 Days. (No set price/leave your offers)
          • 15x Volcano Cards
          ​More to come later.


          • #11
            Trading Blade gear for Ranger Gear :
            Plus 10 blain, 40% attack
            Helm: 25 str 1 dex(1 aug slot)
            Suit: 11 icd 5 icd -50hp (1aug slot))
            Gauntlet: 9% crit
            Boots:15icd -50hp +50hp (2 aug slots)

            Ancient axe +7 (11% PVP damage increase)
            Plus 17 wind element
            6/6 fire s
            9icd awake 50fp (1 aug slot)

            Ancient axe
            Plus 17 wind element
            6/6 fire s
            22 str 4% speed (3 aug slots)

            Unbinds are needed for axes. Leave offer if you have ranger gear which might be worth the trade. PM me in game: Hydrozed


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              Baby Horse=0/2
              Baby Ripper Cage=0/9
              Baby Friendly Kargo=0/3
              Baby Gray Earl=1 is 0/2 other 6 are normal petts
              Polar Bear=0/2

              PRO Iner STR/DEX Helm!=Pm Me So We Can Discuss Price
              PRO Iner Gauntlets(30Critical Chance+)=Pm Me So We Can Discuss Price
              Wcoins 2Bil/100
              Rare Petts/CS Setts/Parts=Pm Me So We Can Discuss Price
              All A/G/Sprotect scrolls=Pm Me So We Can Discuss Price

              ~~Best Regards~~


              • Fest
                Fest commented
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                I have sent you an ingame mail, disregard that, I'd like to buy the Bulls Hat (M) for a fair amount of Wcoins, mail my toon JesterFromHeaven or catch it online, hope to hear from you soon.

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              Hi, everyone. Just making a quick post here, I'll edit more stuff in... sometime. xD Don't really like the new forum. >.>

              • Champ's Gore Necklace.
              • Holies (239-240m each), got... not sure how many left.
              • Etc.

              • Mystic Jewel of Nightmares. This is the 80-M yoyo, obtained from the master entaness boss. It is NOT the normal version of the yoyo, and I'm not interested in one of those. Yes, I know nobody farms the master v18 dungeons anymore, that's exactly why I want it (instead of just getting a crystal yoyo & reskinning it with a normal jewel). I'm also buying F/L/Y pieces when I see them, if they're not too overpriced, so I'll only buy the yoyo if someone can get one BEFORE I get enough pieces.
              • A Blue Bead, or a red palette swap of one. [Note: I want an unopened one, and just the one. Mainly because it looks like a certain pervy item my RM would look cute with. xD]
              • Etc.
              Fight the good fight, finish the race.
              • All: BlessingsFlow
              • Glaphan/Kargo:
                1. SilverLeer (yes, it's a silly name, deal with it), KhaosKitty
                2. SwordsOfTruth, ElementsRage
                3. Kinbaku
              • Mocomochi: Impenetrable the neglected knight.
              • Tanuki: Kinbaku

              Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.
              Originally posted by mrbr
              Why are clowns with Yo-Yos taken seriously?


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                CS Pets

                1x Doggy
                1x Kitty

                1x Soul Dancer
                1x Baby Hamster

                1x Little Mia
                1x Jimbo The Snowman (buff-pet)

                CS Items

                1x Mistletoe hat (F)
                1x Mistletoe shoes (F)
                1x Mistletoe gloves (F)
                1x Snowboarder shoes (F)

                1x CHI Gloves (F)
                1x CHI Soes (F)

                1x Teddy Bear Suit (F)
                1x High-class Hair Pink (F)

                1x LGG +9 4/4 pierced with dex cards (replace with your own) awk +150MP +7dex

                Mail Dusky ingame with your offers

                color RED already sold it !!
                color GREEN available !!


                • #15
                  B> Adept Set Parts or 5/5 Clean

                  Mail Me: IGN Deaxy


                  • Juvenil
                    Juvenil commented
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                    i got 4/5, missing one ring
                    its +3/+8/+3/+3
                    IGN: Juvenil