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  • Magitook
    started a topic Official Kargo WTB/WTS Thread

    Official Kargo WTB/WTS Thread

    Welcome to the Official Kargo WTB & WTS Thread!

    This thread replaces the old sale forums. If you want to sell or are looking for an item, you can post here! Any interested buyer or seller can then use the Comment function of your post to reply. Please do not post a reply to a request or offer, always use the comment function. Otherwise your post will be deleted.

    Also, please keep in mind that WEBZEN is not responsible for any agreements made between players here. If one side shouldn't live up to his end of the trade, we won't be able to assist you here.

    That being said...happy trading!


  • ClockzChu

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  • Kaffe
    S > +16/12/11/12/17 champ set | +9 bloody knuck 5/5 | kuma cloak | bloody stick +8 5/5| LGG +10 | 1/3/5/6/7 tiger | 1/3/3/5/6 unicorn | + more

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  • ChochoWar
    commented on 's reply
    I am interested atm only in Angel jewelery set 2016. I don t need penya or other items.

  • Gadung
    commented on 's reply
    Hello, what's the a/w for cruiser helmet +42 dex?

  • ChochoWar
    Hello! My IGN is RizboFireFist /mail me if you are interested The list have been updated: 10.10.2017

    Want list:
    1. Angel jewelery set 2016 - High want (can offer any combination of items on the list, penya and any Gladiator bronze/silver/gold weapon of your choice)
    8. Guan yu shell
    3. Any stick awaken 35+ INT
    4. Billst/Billporon parts 500 MP+

    This items are only for trade, for something from my wish list

    - Scroll of Ultimate success
    - Re-stat
    - Re-Skill
    - Pride victory
    - Love Chocholate
    - Christmas cake
    - .....................

    Flying items:
    - Indigo butterfly wings
    - Riding cloud (Light pink)
    - Alabaster butterfly wings
    - Dragon stick S
    - Wooden roocking horse
    - Crimson butterfly wings
    - Clock bike(Orange)
    - Meteo bike green
    - Flying carpet
    - Chameleon
    - Sword Board
    - Golden Wings of Glory
    - Piyoko (flying mount)

    - Earthquake card 10% x4
    - Electric S card
    - Land S x8
    - Ocean 10% x4

    Armor pieces:
    - Wedge helmet 450 mp
    - Wedge gauntlet +400 mp
    - Rose boots aw +700mp+150hp
    - Inner gauntlet +600 mp
    - Inner suit +650mp+10dex+20att+3%icd
    - Pike helmet+550 mp+19 int
    - Billst geuntlet+6+450 mp
    - Bilst helmet +22 sta
    - Billst helmet +23 str
    - Cruiser boots+3 16% icd
    - Cruiser helmet+3 +42 dex
    - Hyper gauntlet+3 +125 att
    - 44 dex vaggy helmet
    - 26 sta +22 int +100 mp vaggy helmet
    - Cruiser helmet 19sta+1 dex+250 mp
    - Cupo suit 26% icd
    - Billst helmet 27 sta 16 dex-100mp

    Armor sets:
    Wedge FS set+8
    Helmet +32 INT
    - Suit +25 INT 4/4 28% MP
    - Gaunts +8% DCT
    - Boots +12% Speed
    Vagy/Assist set 1vs1
    - Pike helmet+7 +22Str+ 16 DEX
    - Inner suit+7 2/2 14% Att +22DEX+11% ICD
    - Assist gauntlets+9 +17% Crit
    - Inner boots+7 +26% ICD

    - Bloody sword+5, pierced 2/2 fire B cards
    - Avalon shield aw: 26%icd +150 hp
    - Shield +30%icd-25sta-100mp-5att

    - Matador cloak
    - St. Patty cloak
    - Zombie hunter cloak
    - Survivors cloak
    - OMG cloak
    - Star sign cloaks
    - Kuma cloak
    - Cloak of Honor
    - Triumphant cloak 2015 (Soul linked)

    CS sets:
    - Mizu yukata set 2011 M&F
    - Yukata 2009 set M
    - Ninja set M
    - Cassino Suit F
    - Dress up F set
    - Madrigal guardian green set M&F
    - Dragon yukata set M
    - Bunny set F
    - Complete bijin yukata set 2010 M
    - Amfibian Warrior set M&F
    - Vampire set 2015 M&F
    - Ninja set F 2017
    - Neko soul mask 2014 (+10int+10str+3% meme block+3%ranged block)
    - Twilight mask 2014 (+10str+10 dex+3% mele block+3% ranged block)

    - Mental neckle +20
    - Mental neckle +15
    - Inteligence ring+18
    - Champion jewelery( Rings +12 x2/ Neckle+3/Earrings +11 and +8)

    - Baby blue dragon
    - Baby Monkey
    - Baby ripper cage
    - Braaaains
    - Little mia
    - Doggy
    - Soul dancer
    - Naughty ghost
    - Kuma 0/2
    - Baby Frog
    - Baby Turtle
    - Baby Cub Tiger
    - Unicorn 1/1/1/7/9 +450MP (Shizuka)
    - Fox 1/3/5/7/2 +300 MP awake
    Last edited by ChochoWar; 19-06-18, 06:27 PM.

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  • ChochoWar
    commented on 's reply
    I need Blessed Cloak of Light, Pro stamina shield, pro wedge/flury/billst/bilporon parts mp/dct, Angel jewelery set 2016, Good Lion, Bolo cloak M. Got any of them?


    I’m currently changing servers from kargo to tanuki.

    I have a 138 hero slayer on kargo. Which has a lot of decent gear . Just wondering if any people are still playing on kargo and would be interested trade items on kargo (my account) for items on tanuki (your account). I realise the price market is a little different . But that can be sorted out .

    If you are interested just reply here and we can get the ball rolling .

    Cheers 😊

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  • ClockzChu
    What do ya have? send me a pm

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  • Linoxi
    Selling Seraph equipment on Kargo for stuff on Clockworks ! reply here

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  • ChochoWar
    1. Hero sunglasses
    2. PRO stamina knuckle&shield

    I have everything you might need. RizboFireFist

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  • ChochoWar
    commented on 's reply
    I am interested into buying one item of yours. Pleas pm me in game or mail me RizboFireFist

  • ChochoWar
    commented on 's reply
    I would like to buy or trade for something. I have sent you an email in game. By Rizbo cheers

  • ClockzChu
    skiller u dere?

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  • Wildie
    Selling Items

    Flower Faerie Set F

    Guardian weapons [clean]

    Scroll of amplification ES 100 pcs 30m each one

    Scroll of reversion 18pc 400m each one

    Azria Tickets 20m
    Re-skill 500m
    Full Shout 15days 700m

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