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    WTB Baby Blue Dragon, Warlord Set (M)?

    Willing to pay gpots (wcoins? Haven't been around for a while). Or work out some sort of trade, but I don't have much anymore in terms of items or penya. Mail SpacewardTrout in game if you have any of the above, please and thank you.


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      WTS all my items = Wcoin OFFER.!
      Add me xXxCrimexXx mail me
      here's the link of items
      [Removed] add me on facebook


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        Hey everyone, here's something I'd like to buy: WCOINS OR:
        Road Hog Set
        Chef Set
        Big Bad Wolf Set
        Taiwan Set
        Power Ranger all colours except for GREEN ONE!
        Warlord Set
        Gothic Set
        Football Set
        Samurai Set
        Skipper Set
        Mummy Set
        Muay Thai Set
        Traditional Phillipine Set
        Primitive Set
        Detective shoes & hat
        Spacesuit parts(NO SUIT)
        Traditional Thailand Shoes
        Modern Aqua Shoes
        Bodyguard Shoes
        Yellow Diver Flippers + Black Diver Suit
        Red Swimear + Red Beach Shoes
        Slipper (those from blue beachswear)

        Mail me IN-GAME, not here please!
        IGN: SkiLLeR

        Thank you, I hope you can help a fashion addict :3 Have a great day!


        • MissPasaway
          MissPasaway commented
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          I sent u one for free LOL! Check ur character

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        I am selling everything Selling everything as a package for 40k Wcoins.





        One of the Ring is +7 and not +6

        Champion Set + 15/15/10/15/15
        Marksman Set + 10/10/3/10/10
        Tiger 1/3/5/7/8

        Miscellaneous items

        Vengeance Mask of the Almighty Dragon King (F) (ICD+5% Hp+10%)
        Lusaka's Crystal Axe (1h)
        Crimson Butterfly Wings
        Clock Bike (White)
        2x Fire S cards
        1 Water S card
        1 Land S card
        12x 10% Card boxes
        12x S card boxes
        Bloody Staff (for Trasmute :3)

        And many many more stuffs that I hoarded since I came back.

        Mail me if anyone interested


        • MonKa
          MonKa commented
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          170B for champ set

        • Dondon
          Dondon commented
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          I am interested on your Raze set for my ranger Donnah... Lemme know the price... TYIA! ^^

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        ~ The realest.


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          Buying Ancient Bow and Mizu Hands. Selling: Rising Sun CS set Female and Water S card. Mail me in-game (abdulRanger)


          • Juvenil
            Juvenil commented
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            ancient bow+6 (3% soul leech)
            5/5 elec S
            +14 water
            fusion ~
            6/6 land S
            +15 ICD
            +9 ICD
            +10 STA
            +65 Attack
            +100 HP

            IGN: Juvenil

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          I am looking to trade MY Steam Punk Hat (M) to a Madrigal Guardian Hat (M) (BLUE) OR Bulls Hat (M).

          Mail: JesterFromHeaven INGAME!

          Thanks alot!


          EDIT; Cancelled, not looking to trade anymore!


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            Hello there everyone,

            I'm currently selling Joker's Secret Box for Female (F). I'm also open to trade it for other CS as long as it's Male instead of Female.

            I'm also interested in buying some Male CS (M) since I'm currently only borrowing from a friend and wish to have something of my own.

            If you got any CS clothes and fashion for sale, contact me in-game!
            I have a budget of about 17b but I expect and hope not to use too much on the CS even if I can.

            I'm also interested in buying a good Billposter set +8 with good awakes, preferebly 28% atk. Currently lv 76 but planning to level it up a bit.

            Mail my character Zoomzoom in-game or try to /say me unless I'm afk.


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              Quitting sale ~ I still have some goods to be sold

              1) Rudolph set+20 (I have unbindings) SOLD
              2) Fierce dragon set 5/5 (no cloak) SOLD
              3) Adept Set (4/5) +3/+8/+3/+3 SOLD
              4) Unicorn S (4.6k HP / 11 lives / awk: +15 ICD) [3k gpot]
              5) Ranerz Set +10 ~ 28% HP SOLD
              6) 4x Land S / 1x Wind S / 1x Elec S SOLD
              7) Lighting 7% [coming soon]
              8) Lusaka Crystal Stick+5 5/5 land A (+19 sta awk) [4k gpot] (I have unbinding)

              9) Ancient Bow+6 (3% soul leech) 5/5 Elec S ~~~ +14 water [c/o 6k ~ a/w 10k] I supply Unbinding
              6/6 land S
              +15 ICD
              +9 ICD
              +10 STA
              +65 ATTACK
              +100 HP

              10) Dragon Cloak 320 attack SOLD
              11) St. Patrick Cloak SOLD
              12) 1x Unbinding Scroll [perhaps]
              13) 237x Gpros SOLD
              14) 66x Xpros SOLD
              15) 18x Reversion SOLD
              16) 99x Awakening Protection [checking price]
              17) 4x Smelting 100% up to +7 [checking price]
              18) Dragon Mask (M) [2k gpot]
              19) Revenio Set (F) clean +3 [1k gpot]
              20) 10x Diamonds SOLD
              21) 15x High Acquisiton SOLD
              22) 50x or + Gold Packages [2b each, if buy 20+ I can do 1.5b each]
              23) Scroll of Weapon Smelting (V) 50% success up to +9 [4b each]
              24) 30x Uriel Cold Noodle (+50% mp) [1b each]
              25) 5x Super Star Candy [500m each]
              26) 1x King and 1x Queen cards [1b each]
              27) 9x Traseia 1 day [3b each]
              28) 2x Traseia 7 days [5b]
              29) 6x Azria 1 day [200m each]
              30) 11x Azria 7 days [500m each]
              31) Dark Traseia 1 day [5b]
              32) Baby Blue Dragon pick up [1b]
              33) Jimbo Snowman 0/2 pick up [4b]
              34) Splendid Whirlpool hair [5b]
              35) 4x Jar 1 day [3b each]
              36) Couple ring SOLD
              37) 2x Chance of the Pet tammer [3b each]
              38) Natural Table 7 days, increase atk power +240 [2b]
              39) 92x Scroll of Sprint and 63x Ice Flakes Lemon [5b for all]

              More things coming soon...

              IGN: Juvenil


              • Dondon
                Dondon commented
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                I am interested on your 7 days Azria tickets. I am willing to buy all your 7 day Azzy... IGN Donnah

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              Buying : Baby Cobra, Billst set or parts STA,

              IGN: MARTINxRESUREC


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                Willing to trade my (full) Mizu Set (M) [unboxed] for a [preferably clean] FULL Restra Set+6 (no, not a Dretra sword, Restra as in the Lv. 90 Male Jester Set, and not transmuted please) or higher, PM me ONLY if you have it, random/other offers will be ignored! Grab this offer fast before Mizu prices drop! Mail me ingame at IGN: Exalted

                Thanks in advance folks.


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                  S> Adept Set 4/5 +3
                  B> Champion Set 5/5 [Clean or Upgraded]

                  IGN: Deaxy


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                    Hi Guys, here are all items i'm willing to sell and buy :

                    SELLING :

                    Elegant Black Wings x2 - c/o 40b (ea)
                    Silver Glory Wings
                    Pink Cloud
                    Alabaster Wings
                    Indigo Wings

                    x2 Fire S
                    x1 Land S
                    x3 Wind S --- SOLD
                    x3 Elec S
                    x2 Water S ---X1 SOLD
                    x1 Ocean 10% ---- SOLD
                    x1 Volcano 10% ---- SOLD
                    x5 EarthQuake 10%
                    x4 Fire A
                    x4 Elec A

                    x3 2H Weapon Rune Protection
                    x5 Q Amps 30 Days
                    Champions Set 10/9/12/9/10
                    Joker Full Set Male
                    Joker Trick + Wit M ----- SOLD
                    Joker Full Set Female x2
                    Full Mizu Set Male x4
                    Full Mizu Set Female x4
                    Ancient Yoyo Clean
                    St. Patrick Cloak
                    Matadors Cloak x2
                    x4 Twilight Mask 2014
                    x4 Neko Mask 2014
                    x2 Iron Mask 2014
                    x1 Taeguk Mask 2014
                    x3 Sentinel Mask 2014

                    BodyGuard Set M
                    Uniform Ex Set M
                    Rudolph Set M
                    Ninja Suit M
                    Martial Suit M
                    Clown Suit + Hat M
                    Warlor Suit M
                    Kai Suit M
                    Samurai Set (no hat) M
                    Moussed Hair Brown M
                    Moussed Hair Green M
                    Sphinx Hair Green M
                    Cat Punch M
                    Iron Mask
                    Soccer Set White M
                    HeartBreaker Set F
                    Forest Faerie F

                    All Guardian Weapons
                    All Angels Weapons
                    All Legendary Weapons
                    Many v18 Weapons
                    Heart Stone

                    Naughty Ghost
                    Baby Black Dragon
                    Blue Armored Tiger 0/2
                    Mini Santa
                    Lykan 0/2
                    White Rabbit

                    Not so good Billst Set :

                    Helmet+10 awk Sta+10
                    Helmet+8 awk Sta+14
                    Suit +10 (4/4 Mp+28%) Att speed+1% Crit+4%
                    Suit+8 (4/4 hp+28%) atk+5 (epic awake)
                    Gaunts +8 fp+100 mp-100
                    Boots+8 speed-2%

                    Wedge Set :

                    Helmet+7 awk Sta+16
                    Suit+7 (3/3 hp+12%, i can change on request) int+1
                    Gaunts+7 clean
                    Boots+8 def+40

                    BUY only GPROTECTS!

                    Send a message in-game to ChaoS
                    Thanks everybody


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                      Buying Vampire Stick IGN:TitanYJ


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                        BUY SET KNIGHERT OR KNIGHZ +8~+10 and SELL STEAM PUNK SET (M) ..PLSS Add me xXGarenXx