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    Buying -------> Rudolph Set (5/5). Also Looking for a +8-10 Rescorn For Lvl 60 (F) Blade M/O to Dohdoro. Or Reply Here. Thanks!~@


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        pm Cancell in-game if you wanna buy.
        or leave name here.

        Accept Ranger items, Nice Jackalope or any other good items


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          Selling Rudolph set and Billst +10 offers... IGN TheySeeMeRollin Casiel

          oh i forgot selling Mizu set too


          • IkerCasillas1
            IkerCasillas1 commented
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            how much for Rudolf Pm pleases

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          2x Scroll of Change Pet Name
          7x Scroll of Pet Reversion (Raised Pets)
          1x Riding Cloud (Orange)
          1x Legendary Golden Axe+10, water+10 4/4 pierce with STA+16. Awake is STA+22

          ULGA+8 or +9 with nice awake and 6/6 or more pierce
          UBSword +8 or +9 with nice awake and 6/6 or more pierce

          Mail me on CutieSnappy =D


          • Broitsivan
            Broitsivan commented
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            it's maadlifee
            how mcuh did you want for bruce lees again?

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          Heey everyone, So uh im buying a good/pro hyper set With Penya or ingame Gpots Mail xLikeOhEmGee/ImaQueTee if your selling^^


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            Hello my in game name is Etain,

            I am selling 1 of the item: Electric card S

            and i would like to buy 4 of the item : Volcano card 7% please mail me in game and i will catch you online as soon as possible, thank you!!


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              hello everyone


              Chipao Panda Boots (F)
              Chipao Panda Gauns&Boots(M)
              8x Lightning Card 7%


              Bp Equip:

              Shurand +10 4/4 14%hp 8% Atk:
              2sta hat + 28 dex; +10 sta; +4 str;
              1sta suit +25sta; +10 str; +6 crit;
              3str 1dex gauns 110atk; -50fp;
              2sta boots +350mp; +52def; -1icd;

              in total:

              Mail PsytastiiC ingame or comment here!


              • Kelsey
                Kelsey commented
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                View my Hyper set on the first page.

              • Zykoniac
                Zykoniac commented
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                @Kelsey sorry i dont buy in gpots

              • Sweep
                Sweep commented
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                Hey man, do you still sell the Rody set? I would really like it.
                My Ign is uShady if you can please add me.

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              Comment or mail or pm CooCooChicken


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                Sell raze set +8/9 4/4 A/W 100B

                Also sell alot of fash L/P

                IGN - NatureVally


                • MissPasaway
                  MissPasaway commented
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                  4k Wcoins for ur Razer set Mail me back if possible. Liecca

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                Buying Flury set and Adept set please, message me in game: Asada


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                  Chocolate's Shop
                  • Wcoins only, please mail TweetyCanary or leave an offer here :3
                  • When offering, please leave your IGN or offers will be ignored
                  • Happy Bidding!
                  Ancient Staff +10 Electric +20 36% PVP 9/9 Water S (+108 int +36% dct) awakes+22 Int fused with 8/8 Water S (+96 int +32% dct) +54 int +450 hp

                  Ancient Axe 4/4 Wind +9 Fire S (+48 str +16% ICD) awakes: +20% ICD and +5% DCT

                  Ancient Axe 4/4 Fire A (+28 str +8% ICD) awakes: +13% ICD +40 attack

                  Ancient Axe 2/2 Fire A (+8 str +4 ICD) awakes +7% ICD

                  Blain Set +10 28% attack awakes +450 fp +16 sta +15% attack speed +4% crit +24% ICD

                  Bloody Stick +10 +16 Fire (6/6 Wind B) awake +13 int fused with +100mp +10% dct stick

                  Guardian Knuckle +10 +9 water (2/2 Electric B) awakes -50hp +3% speed

                  Rudolph Set (5/5)

                  Snobell Earrings +17 and +18

                  Stam Rings +20, +19

                  Intelli Rings +11 (x2)

                  Venerable Set (F) (6/6)

                  Venerable Mask and Vengeful Mask (F)

                  Mizu gloves (F)

                  Wise Cloak (F)

                  S level unicorn (1/1/5/7/9 +6552 hp) awakes +7% crit +8% ICD

                  S level unicorn (1/3/5/5/8 +5096 hp)

                  White Rabbit 3/9 6% attack 18% attack speed

                  Ancient Bow +8 Wind+18 18% PVP (7/7 Land S) awakes +20% ICD +125 attack +200 hp +6% speed fused with 5/5 Electric S +17% ICD +5 attack

                  Hyper set +10 4/4 28% attack awakes: (+10 sta, +26 str, +4% crit, +29% ICD, +300hp)

                  Flury set +8 (3/3 12% hp) awakes 3% dct +7 int +7 str -400fp +300 hp +50 mp

                  Heart Stone +10/+20 water awakes: -100% attack speed

                  Reversion Scrolls x50

                  Q Amps 1 day x13

                  Power scrolls x92

                  2x Gray wings of divine prophet

                  Pictures will be uploaded later and more stoof coming soon!


                  • IkerCasillas1
                    IkerCasillas1 commented
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                    pm me ur rudolf price please

                  • Cephas
                    Cephas commented
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                    Are you still alive? If you do, please mail me in game MugenTsukuyomi. I am interested in your snobell... if they are full set...

                  • Happy90
                    Happy90 commented
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                    How much for blain, bstick?

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                  S> my old noctis set +10 28% attack
                  Helm: dex +1 sta +1 sta +25
                  Suit: icd +17% dex +1
                  Gaunts: fp +50 crit rate +9%
                  Boots: fp +50 icd +15%

                  L/o in penya/wcoins


                  • ILeg3nd
                    ILeg3nd commented
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                    110bil Killa101

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                  BUYING CHAMP SET+15 NO LOWER
                  Pref:15-15-3-15-15 =100b

                  I have 90b right now but i have a vigor ring+16 that can sell for at least 10b but the 17-17-3-17-17 for 115b will take me awhile to get :/. Mail me in flyff i will most likely buy the Pref champ set offer unless i get a good offer on the 17-17-3-17-17. Hook me up guys and girls



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                    B> Lusaka staff or ethereal dreams staff. IGN:Meiyo