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Official Lykan WTB/WTS Thread

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  • Official Lykan WTB/WTS Thread

    Welcome to the Official Lykan WTB & WTS Thread!

    This thread replaces the old sale forums. If you want to sell or are looking for an item, you can post here! Any interested buyer or seller can then use the Comment function of your post to reply. Please do not post a reply to a request or offer, always use the comment function. Otherwise your post will be deleted.

    Also, please keep in mind that WEBZEN is not responsible for any agreements made between players here. If one side shouldn't live up to his end of the trade, we won't be able to assist you here.

    That being said...happy trading!


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    Prices are just estimates, if you feel they are too high please leave an offer. Message or Mail me on CherieRM/Cheriee

    84x Scrolls of Sprints 100m ea
    62x Scrolls of Velocity 5b ea
    48x Yellow FWC Cards 1b ea
    52x +30% ICD Upgraded Fury Potions 2b ea
    10x Long Chair (Green) 1Day 15% att 10b ea
    13x Lovely Table 7 Days +280 att 5b ea
    Kuma Pickup Pet 8b
    Baby Rabbit Pickup Pet 5b
    Reconnaissance suits/boots 30b suit/5b boots
    Gothic Suit/Boots/gloves[F] 20b suit/5b boots/2b gloves
    Steampunk Hat[F] 5b
    Kung Fu Set[F] 20b
    Heartbreaker shoes[F] 1b

    Couple Rings 2b

    Arek rings+15~18 x4 10-20b ea
    Stams+18 x2 20b ea
    Speedos+3 x2 20b ea
    Bow of Nemos Fury 15b

    Dragons Rain 20b
    30 Day Acrobat Flasks 15b ea
    Shinigami Suit[F]
    Mummy Suit[F]
    Skeleton Suit[F]

    Kai Hat[M]
    Mizu Hat[M]
    Mizu Gloves[M]

    Fusion Speed/STA Stick

    Omniscient Guild recruiting active players [Lv41, Furniture, TS3] - Please PM DVI8 or anyone else you see in the guild so they can contact someone to invite you.


    • MissPasaway
      MissPasaway commented
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      I sent u mail in-game But since you are always in the forum, I would like to buy your Kuma Buff Pet. Mail me ingame: Liecca/ Ellieca/ Hiecca

    • MrWoggles
      MrWoggles commented
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      I've a couple ring for sale. Just message MrWoggles in-game.

    • AmiLee
      AmiLee commented
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      the Guild is still active?

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    Only WCoins Sorry!
    A/W Do NOT have to be reached!
    PM me for info!


    UBK +7 (8/8) Wind S /+20 Fire
    Awake: +450MP, +13 STR, DCT + 1%
    Diamonds = 25 STR

    Sold with shield for 27k!

    Toeffin Shield+3 (7/7) Wind S
    Awake: +650MP , +10% DCT

    Sold with knuckle for 27k!

    Special GM Awoken Gloves of Ivilines (Shiny Effect)
    Transmuted to Gladiator's Gold Knuckle +20 Electric
    Awake: -100% Speed

    C/O: 7.5k


    Special GM Awoken Shield of Ivillnes(Shiny Effect)
    Transmuted to Doom Guard
    Awake: -100% DCT

    C/O: None
    A/W: 4k

    Billporon Set +10 (4/4) 40% MP
    Awake: 1300MP, +13 STR, +10 STA, +57 INT

    C/O: None
    A/W: 25k

    Sentinel Shield
    Awake: 900MP

    C/O: None
    A/W: 3k

    Flury +10/9/9/8 (4/4) MP 7% 7% 7% 10%
    Awake: 1250 MP
    C/O: None
    A/W: 10k

    Blessed Cloak of the Light
    Transmuted to Zombie Hunter's Cloak

    C/O: 15k
    A/W: 23k

    Hero's Sunglasses
    C/O: 3k by Anthony
    A/W: 5k

    Rudolph Jewelry Set (You Need to Provide Unbinds)
    C/O: 20k + Unbinds
    A/W: 20k

    Friendly Baby Kargo
    C/O: 5k

    A/W: 7k

    Fruitcake Unicorn (1/3/5/2/9) 5005 HP 6 Lives
    Awake: 22 Stam - 9% ICD
    C/O: None
    A/W: 5k

    Slick1 (1/3/5/6/5) +43 STR
    Awake: +9% Speed, DCT +10%, Crit -4%, ICD -17%

    C/O: None
    A/W: 6k


    • IkerCasillas1
      IkerCasillas1 commented
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      how many 30day qamp u have

    • Peahsaurus
      Peahsaurus commented
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      added all new stuff to shop

    • Peahsaurus
      Peahsaurus commented
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      added c/o on rudolph

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    * Accepting WCOINS (NEED AUG BUNDLES) or PENYA for all the items *
    * Will consider trades only if it's something I really need or it's in my favor *
    * Leave offer with IGN on any item that you would like *
    * Make sure to also PM me your In game name for further information *
    * A/W does not have to be reached to sell *
    * Feel free to contact me ingame @ MaadLifee *
    * Finally, HAPPY BIDDING *


    PERFECT FOX (1/3/5/7/9) +75INT 13 LIVES
    C/O 10K WCOINS A/W ??

    C/O 15K WCOINS A/W ??

    C/O 12K WCOINS A/W ??

    Cloak of the Wise Dragon King (M)
    Magical Powers+100

    C.O ?? A.W ?? PENYA

    ADEPT SET +17/10/9/9/16
    C.O 6K BY DVI8 A.W ?? WCOINS

    * Accepting WCOINS or PENYA for all the items *
    * Will consider trades only if it's something I really need or it's in my favor *
    * Leave offer with IGN on any item that you would like *
    * Make sure to also PM me your In game name for further information *
    * A/W does not have to be reached to sell *
    * Feel free to contact me ingame @ MaadLifee *
    * Finally, HAPPY BIDDING *



    • Flyff4Magicians
      Flyff4Magicians commented
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      Oh thought you would've sold it for penya.
      Never mind.

    • Vanisher
      Vanisher commented
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      I got Hero Glass taking perin

    • Cephas
      Cephas commented
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      Selling Heroes glasses IGN MugenTsukuyomi

  • #5
    -Vigor +9 (2x)
    -Sentinel Mask
    -Cloak of Night Sky
    -H Axe +8 +3 Electic | 6/6 Fire B | +7% ASpeed & + 11% ICD awakening
    -Recorn set total stats: +13 Dex | +10 Sta | +1% DCT | +10% Crit | +150 MP | -150 HP | +14% ICD | Suit is pierced 2/2 +8% Attack.

    IGN: Aazery, but not online on it now.
    Leave offers + IGN here.


    • AzizSlayer
      AzizSlayer commented
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      how much for recorn set and H Axe please
      and do not tell me "Your Price?" Cause i'm new here

    • Rapsodius
      Rapsodius commented
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      How much for the Vigors'?

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    Hello Everyone, I Am here today trying to sell:
    Venerable Set (M) 6/6 A/w: 17k Gpots
    Wise Set (F) 6/6 A/w: 17k Gpots
    Clean Ancient Wand, Staff x2, Yoyo
    Jack Frost 0/7 Buff pet
    And more! But I will edit that in later when I have the chance. THIS WILL BE GPOT ONLY SALES. Please leave your offer /ign here as I do not get in game much anymore.


    • Elegos
      Elegos commented
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      hi! I would like to offer 10k wcoins/gpots to your Venerable Set M 6/6... let me know... IGN: Azlam thanks! =D

  • #7
    I am Here to sell alot of awesome items.
    1st +9 Ancient Staff 8/8 water s(awake 16 int)
    2nd 1 +13 eversnow set (need unbinds)

    comment on my post for your IGN thanks


    • Elegos
      Elegos commented
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      mail me ingame please... ign: Azlam

  • #8
    Buying: decent ancent bow/+10 ranerz/+10 cruiser


    • #9
      Nyil's Shop
      Gpots Only L/O



      Needs Unbinds

      Lots of [F]ash will put up pictures sometime, feel free to ask which for now
      More to come (:


      • Zykoniac
        Zykoniac commented
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        still only gpots? :/ would be interested otherwise

      • Kelsey
        Kelsey commented
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        Yes sorry only gpots :c

      • Bl4der
        Bl4der commented
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        yoo its me calvin pm me asap thanks

    • #10
      SELLING: Gpots Only!!

      Buff Pet: Baby Blue Dragon 0/2
      Baby Blue Dragon 0/8

      Selling S Tiger 1/1/5/6/9 +66 Str 300MP awake 5k gpots A/W ~~~SOLD~~~

      Billist +10 4/4 28%Mp Str Helm = +300mp +1sta
      Str Suit = +400Mp +4 Sta
      Str and Sta Gloves + 7% DCT
      Boots +300 MP +1% ICD

      Cs Hop set, Full Mizu Yukata 2011 set body guard set +more

      2x Vengeance Mask of the almight Dragon King

      Toeffin Shield+3 6/6 cards are all Wind S) 72% Speed 24% att Speed
      Awakes are 10% DCT, 650MP 5k Gpots A/W ~~~SOLD~~~

      UBK +7 7/7 +16 water cards are all Wind S) 84% speed 28% att Speed
      Awakes are 850mp WITH +1 DEX Daimond = +25 Str ~~~SOLD~~~

      KUma Cloak and the Bravery Cloak

      Champion set 10/10/12/3/10 A/W 2kGpots or 1kGpots when bundle with Tiger

      Stam ring +17

      Ultimate Ancient Two-Hand Axe +5 7/7 +17 Water all Land S) +84 Sta +3500 Hp
      Fusion Bonus +84 Sta +3500 hp with +29 sta awake and 3 more Aug slots A/W?

      Bileire Set +10 4/4 40% hp no awakens

      B class Lion 1/2/5 no awke

      Blessing of Pet Tamer x 5 ~~~SOLD~~~




      • Angela
        Angela commented
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        go online, i mailed you

      • PawalThePinoySlayer
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        Buying all Bopts for 2b ea

      • Kilikt
        Kilikt commented
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        I mailed you about the Toeffin shield pls check in game, ign Kyosqe

    • #11
      buying +10 4/4 blain and decent anc 1h(pref axe)
      selling noctis +10 4/4

      mail xSpeed


      • Snappy
        Snappy commented
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        awakes on noctis? and IGN?

    • #12

      -Nanemvis Set+10 with decent awakenings and piercing [F]

      -Good Ancient Staff

      -Perfect Fox with good awakening

      Message or Mail Niacin


      • #13
        My Buying list~

        Wind S Cards

        Adept Ring +18

        [Pay with penya only]

        Mail me on BabySeraph


        • #14
          Hi am selling all of this
          1x Scroll of Reduction A : 10 Bil

          65x Scroll of Smelting : 80 mil each

          500x Ice Flakes (Lemon) : 20 mil each

          60x Awakening Protection : 250 mil each

          500x Moonstones : 6 mil each SOLD

          500x Sunstones : 6 mil each

          200x Ginger Bread : 120 mil each

          200x Chrismas Cake : 120 mil each

          200x Chrismas Tea : 120 mil each

          200x Pride of Victory : 200 mil each

          1000x Element Cards ( fire - wind - earth - water - electric ) : 1 mil each

          14x Reskil : 800 mil each

          3x Scrolls of XProtect : 1 bil each

          5x Sunglasses (Black) = 1 bil each

          4x Glasses (Black) = 1 bil each

          2x Mini Glasses (Red) = 2 bil each

          2x Gold Battery : 4.8 bil each

          9x Common Bank (15 Days) : 2.7 Bil each

          15x Common Bank (1 Day) : 400 each

          19x Scroll of Acquisition (Low) : 3 bil

          1x Blessing of the Pet Tamer : 8 bil

          9x Full Shout (15 Days) : 4 bil

          62x Fun cards : 120 mil each

          60x For Cards : 120 mil each

          2x Fly Cards : 120 mil each

          6x superstar candy : 400 mil each

          3x Restat : 34.2 Bil

          19x 15 day Red Scroll : 5.5 bil

          5x 2011 Card : 2 bil each

          5x 2011 FWC Card : 2 bil each

          Weapons :
          Lusaka Sword : L/O

          2x Mirage : L/O

          2x Mystic Mirage : L/O

          Song of siren (Lvl 95) : L/O

          Levithan : L/O

          Cleaver of the mist : L/O

          Lusaka 2-Hand Axe : L/O

          Mystic Staff of Ethereal Dreams (80-M) : L/O

          Lusaka Crystal Fist : L/O

          Lamprey's Wand : L/O

          Mastercraft Archduke (110-M Wand) : L/O

          3x Guardian Ambidextrous Axe : L/O

          Angel Bow : L/O

          2x Guardian Wand : L/O

          2x Angel Wand : L/O

          Guardian Staff : L/O

          2x tytra axe


          Ancient 1 Hand Axe L/P

          Champ Set L/P

          Remingster Set +10 Bought

          reply here or mail me ingame

          IGN: Merchandising


          • AdoreMe
            AdoreMe commented
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            updated , added new stuff , sold some

          • Thanosied
            Thanosied commented
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            would like to trade xpros for mastercraft archduke

          • Thanosied
            Thanosied commented
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            ingame look for DrStrangefate for archduke trade

        • #15
          gpots or whatever is being used now only, I have enough penya!

          Hyper+10 (40% ATK), +55% ICD +58 STA +38 DEX +125 ATK + 14% Speed

          Raze Set+10 (28% HP) +48 STA +7 DEX +50 ATK +7% CRIT +11% ICD

          Ultimate Guardian Knuckle+9 +136 STR +13 INT + 450 MP + 7 DCT

          Billist Set+10 (28% HP) +52 STA + 650 MP +4 INT
          44 INT 400 MP 3 STR 1 STA Helmet!
          (Can be sold seperately or with the set)

          Uni,6/9 Eviltron & Kitty, Masks / Glasses ,Rudolph Jewerly Set & Earring, Adept Rings+18 & +16, Venegeance Mask [F]

          Champ Set +15/12/3/11/14 SOLD
          lots of artifacts / cs / fash


          Ancient Bow+10 SOLD
          Hyper Set C/O 45K A/W 55K GPOTS
          Raze+10 C/O none A/W 15K GPOTS
          Raze+8 SOLD

          GK 20K gpots
          LGG 5K gpots
          Wedge SOLD
          Billist Set (Without MP Hat) 15k gpots
          MP/INT Billist Hat C/O none a/w 7k
          Billist Set + MP Hat for 20k gpots

          Unicorn C/O none a/w 9k gpots
          Tiger C/O none a/w 9k gpots
          Lion C/O none a/w 4k gpots
          Eviltron SOLD
          Kitty SOLD

          Revinio C/O none a/w 4k gpots
          Bravery Cloak (Gets soul linked) C/O none a/w 4k gpots
          Bravery Cloak (Doesn't soul linked *TRANSMUTED INTO CLOAK OF HOPE!*) SOLD
          Neclus C/O none a/w 3k gpots
          Speed Ancient Stick NOT FOR SALE AT THE MOMENT
          Int Ancient Stick SOLD
          Flury SOLD

          Venerable Dragon Set SOLD
          Wise Dragon Set [Female] & [Male] 10K gpots
          Fierce [Venerable] Dragon Set [Female] 10k gpots
          Venerable Dragon Mask 1.5k gpots
          Mizu Gloves C/O none a/w 2.5k gpots

          Rudolph Jewelry Set 3 SOLD THERE IS 1 LEFT
          Adept Rings+18 C/O none a/w 2.5k each
          Adept Ring+16 C/O none a/w 1.5k
          Rudolph Earring C/O none a/w 2k
          Champ Set SOLD
          Light Cloak

          If you want to contact me your best shot would be asking someone from SOD guild (Blondy86, Blisse, any other player who didn't join recently) for my skype. leaving me a message here is kind of pointless.


          • IkerCasillas1
            IkerCasillas1 commented
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            is your lion perfect ?

          • Rayahj
            Rayahj commented
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            Hi, is this post updated? I'm interested on your Rudolph set/Blessed Cloak of the Light. Thanks

          • Waiime
            Waiime commented
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            you still selling those?