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  • hi buy garnet ring x2 and sell 5 QAmp pls mail me in game


    • Meanysword
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      Editing a comment
      please leave a username to mail if you are going to request ingame mail as contact type

  • Sory plus msg to Azgelia i sell now 4x QAmp 1Day and buy 2x garnet of love and how much cost clear nox set


    • Its been ages since i played but, got a few things to sell, and a couple things im looking to buy!

      for sale -
      Twilight (f) +10 set (4/4 - 28% hp)
      Int+ Anc wand +6 (6/7 int 56 / dmmt 18) (needs unbinding - didnt see those in the premium shop, are those still around?what are people paying in penya for those these days?)

      Wanting to buy
      Raze set (ranerz could work depending on the pricepoint)
      also willing to trade the twilight for a raze/ranerz if that intrests anyone

      hit me up with an ingame mail at - xxEquinox


      • Selling 5 R amps, offer me here on in-game LovelyBuff
        i reply back if im online.


        • Selling

          Ultimate ancient 1h axe +7 (6/6)
          6 Fire R cards
          awake crit damage+13%

          Ultimate ancient 1h sword+4 (4/4)
          4 S Fire cards
          awake Str+25

          Blaine Set+10 48% Attack
          awake Str+22 Dex+10 Speed+4% Attack+35 FP+1400 (FP is good for AoE)

          Blessed cloak of light
          Azurite set Male
          Snowman Suit Male and Female
          Ring of eversnow+10 and +12
          Vigor+18 x2
          Demol+12 x3
          Int rings+18 x2
          Mental necklace +20
          Fire R
          Fire S x4
          Xpro x25
          Spro x215
          Apro x226
          Gpro x405
          Reversion x33
          Scroll of sprint x40
          Aug Scroll x2
          Blessings x29
          Upcut stone x70
          F.U.N cards x214
          Sunstones x272
          Crimson butterfly wings
          Clock Bike White
          Hera Hover Bike
          Little Lykan (6/6) All perm beads

          Unicorn 1/2/3/5/7 HP+3640
          Awake Str+16

          Tiger 1/3/5/5/8 STR+56
          Awake Str+16 Dex+4 Crit chance+11% FP+300

          Accepting only WCOIN I dont want penya
          Message me on Discord deskjets#0176