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  • Cs boss hunting

    Hello, TEAM WEBZEN!

    Would like to suggest something since there is twice a week sieges our source of Consumables that we farmed from the pasts events are also running out specifically (Flash Charm, Octoctpus, Any time of Egg without a year and more prems that are useful for siege) except the ones that we get from the Guild Merchant because we get a token from those sieges daily. Now players are also getting bored by just farming the same items that they can barely sold from the market like lusaka,ancient,bloody weapons how about putting some consumables there so that some players are going to be active in map and that also benifits the game for not losing players because they have something to sell from players especially for the siegers that doesnt have time to farm and do a run for boss hunting? I think its a best idea because it is not just player that get benifits it also make hunters active and map in game will be more active than what it is right now and this will less the lose of players.


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    I meant to put those power ups with random amount as drop by the bosses in aminus,cove and other dungeons and bosses ( flash charm , cooked octopus , festive boxes the ones with egg without the year or new ones 2020 eggs and etc..)