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  • Discussion: Changing the petfilter

    Dear Community,

    Don't we all know that feeling: our beloved pets picks up the penya, but leaves the so beloved treasure box or event items behind.

    "I see 3 buckets lying there in the corner of the map, my Mini Santa does his best but i am just moving too fast.....
    I come closer and closer, running towards the buckets, *SNAP* 1 second too late, the buckets have disappeared."
    Besides that our beloved pets are too slow (or we are too fast...) they somehow like to hug trees...
    I cry inside when i see my pets hugging the tree, trying to reach a drop (which he ALWAYS fail), knowing there are loads of buckets disappearing in the meantime.

    I bet we all know that feeling and therefore i would like a discussion about the petfilter.
    The Etc Filter picks up all event items, treasure boxes and penya - to solve the first problem i would love to see a new option in the filter disabling/enabling penya.
    If that is not possible, please mark event items and treasure boxes as Quest items. Thay way we can disable the rest.

    It would be huge if in the future the pets would be faster and/or have a bigger range and/or would be able to move through trees, rocks etc...
    There is nothing more painful then our beloved pets hugging trees because they cant reach that drop.

    Please leave your comment behind if you agree (or disagree) with me, so that our beloved GM's may consider to inform/request Gala for a change.

    Best Regards,


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    Speeding up the buff pets (same speed as A/B/../S pets) would also fix the "viewport freezing"-issue(1). I believe speeding up the buff pets+additional options would be a great improvement. Additionally, when activating the buff pet, one shouldnt have to always close down the pop up window. I recommend having it as a selectable option on the buff pet itself. Simply click your buff pet, and now there should be option named appropriately (for example "Options", "Settings", "Filter" etc).

    (1) See this video for visualization:
    Axeell ~ Murano ~ Tanuki ~ Lv150 Dankmeister
    Youtube Channel:
    'Who is Axeell' - Flyff Montage:

    Ez gem, ez lyfe" - J0zper 4k20


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      The pickup pet filter really needs a fix. It ain't working like it is supposed to, each category isn't correct when it comes to what you actually pick up. There should be a filter for penya only... The "Event" filter does not work at all, so only event items gets picked up.. Most of all the pets get stuck everywhere. Which is superduper annoying. Please do something about it