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About afk reflect farmers in saint morning dugeon

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  • About afk reflect farmers in saint morning dugeon

    Hello all,

    well i'm here because i've noticed that i've checked all channels in saint morning dugeon ( at red totemia) there are AFK reflect farmers, well thats okey...
    the problem is that those mobs drops Moonstone and Sunstone ..Its really one of the few way to get penya for new players which afk farmers take that opportunity...
    IT'S LIKE AN ABUSE/EXPLOIT OF JEWELRY SET EFFECT , people get over 500 moonstone and sunstone PER DAY and dont let to the new players improve....
    I hope gala can do something about it..
    Two way to fix it ,Totemia mobs can be non angry or switch the moonstone or sunstone to another mob...
    it don't affect me cuz i'm a old players its focused to the new ones since its really hard for them to get penya

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    I'm glad someone is mentioning this again, because it's gotten out of hand. They are all on all 4 servers! I mean they could totally replace ivillis like they did mars mines. You will just get the same responce that this is allowed.

    Edit: some channels its the same guy all 4 or 5 chars, why do they think that own that area?
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