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How much would cost to get Galalab to remaster Flyff????

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  • How much would cost to get Galalab to remaster Flyff????

    Hypothetically, if money wasn't an obstacle, how much would it cost to persuade Galalab to remaster Flyff? Like........ $5 billion USD?

    I just love this game so much and wish it could get the re-balances and updates it deserves...... lol.

    Has there ever been an estimate on how much it would cost to do remaster Flyff???

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    They basically tried to do something akin to a sequel with updated graphics and some changed systems but it got scrapped in under 6 months if I'm not mistaken. Either way this game has zero chance at getting rebalanced, just gonna keep seeing more and more power creep added to keep whales shelling hundreds to thousands of dollars..


    • Shaymin
      Shaymin commented
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      The reason flyff 2 failed so quickly is obvious.
      It was basicly the same game with a few tweeks and there was no reason why the people from flyff 1 should migrate over.
      Especially with all the time and money they would have left behind.

    • StormyMoon
      StormyMoon commented
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      That's why I said akin to a sequel.

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    I hope you meant a remake. Because Flyff's problems start with the source code itself. If they wanted to salvage the IP they'd have to do a new game from scratch.

    Also Flyff 2 was not going to be very similar to Flyff 1 at all. It was basically turning out to be a watered down stiff Aion clone with the Flyff brand slapped over it and a pretty ugly character model. The game that was just normal Flyff with tweaks was called Flyff Masquerade: Another World. It's baffling what exactly they were trying to do there because that version was basically Flyff on slowdown, with even more grind, and a different upgrade system.

    When you look at Flyff 2, Masquerade, the mobile games, and see the current state of the original, you can see Gala never knew how to manage the IP at all but just happened to have launched the game at the right time back in 2004.