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  • Price Checking Help!!

    Hello! I am on on the Flyff Discord chat which is super cool, but I have not had any luck with the price check channel on some items. I was wondering if anyone can help me figure out average prices on a few items:

    Guardian yoyo +8, (pierced 1/1) Str +7, crit damg +2% , awakes: Sta +22, -500 MP, +100 MP, DCT - 1%, Def +4
    Lucky Cloud Box
    Peision +7
    Peision +11
    Peison +17
    Peision +19

    (I went a little crazy with the Peision necklaces back in 2008...... lolol)

    Appriciate the input! Just got back into the game a month ago, the market is........ not what it used to be, haha