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it's 2020 for the love of god..

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  • it's 2020 for the love of god..

    Who answers the questions of this community?
    I mean questions like:

    How to fix the game economy?

    When will they fix the bugs?

    How to fix the imbalance of the classes?

    Will there be new content or do we just wait for the servers to go down?

    Who is responsible for answering those questions?

    I think this community deserves more ...
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    Im an old player here and im waiting for the same!
    we deserve answers

    Will webzen let flyff drop?


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      Webzen is just a publisher. They can only pass over player suggestions and complaints to Gala Lab. Gala Lab doesn't care, because Gala Inc which owns them doesn't care. They're just leaving the game on life support, putting minimal content that doesn't involve more work than palette swapping things or throwing higher level caps for sake of it
      Their team dedicated to Flyff was cut really really small since they changed their focus to mobile. This is nothing but easy money for them at this point.

      They're not going to fix the economy because the way the game was (badly) designed there is no way to encourage players to deplete their penya enough compared to the amount of garbage that gets dropped to be sold. The drops did get nerfed shortly after V18, but it was too little too late. On top of that dupping always happens as the game is a swiss cheese of loopholes due a very bugged source code.
      There's not enough that can be bought from NPCs or turned in to burn all that penya. The amount Lords use from taxes was always laughable at the grand scheme.

      All the "fixing" of classes they could do was already done. They're not going to do any more because the stats of every character in the game is comically inflated. Gear stats were poorly planned. Even if you look at "unofficial" fixes it's a very distorted, awful idea of a "balance" that would get you fired if you worked in any modern MMO team. (Which aren't exactly balanced either) If a class gets nerfed players complain they can't solo everything. If a class gets boosted players complain their favorite is no longer at the top. It's impossible to balance Flyff when the active players are approving of bad design that caused Flyff to be as dead as it currently is.

      If there is any new content it will probably be even less than the last expansion, which just added a bunch of palette swap of monsters into an existing non-instanced dungeon, added worse versions of features that were better implemented by fans elsewhere, then called it "New content". The ONLY reason Mars Mine was turned into endgame area is because they didn't want to model a whole lot. Again, the development team is significantly small now.

      Kraig and other Webzen representatives can answer, but any older player (like me, I joined during the october 2005 closed beta) with a working brain can answer those too. Kraig/Piccolo are surprisingly open about the unfortunate state of things too.

      Those questions were answered MULTIPLE TIMES. I don't want anyone at the staff to lose their jobs or anything but I can't in good conscience encourage anyone who comes here asking to continue supporting this game. It deserves to get shutdown.