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  • What your community would like to see.

    Hello Webzen, I am a long time player way back from the Gpotato days.. I've been playing for almost what seems to be the whole life span of this game.. I've had my time away from the game but I've put countless hours into this game and have recently returned!

    Most of us who played or currently still play have our opinions on the game and have played many other games. I've myself played many variations of this game and have seen some really cool and creative idea's that wouldn't upset the balance of the game in any way.

    Some discussion recently went on in the discord channel that we know is a part of the game itself. But I thought I could bring it to the forums where everyone else who comes to check stuff out could see.

    Some additions I would like to see as a long time player. Perin Currency. Placed right below or above the Penya bar in the inventory. Give this its own icon so I don't have a perins taking up a whole inventory slot for absolutely no reason. In this addition we can add a Perin currency into shops. This as stated by a member of the discord community takes away from the scam risk because now you can set up a shop with a perin amount. Less headache for you and us. To justify this addition to the shop adding a second confirmation box when making all purchases in private shops would be beneficial, as I myself wouldn't mind taking an extra click to verify my purchase.

    Secondly, I am glad to see tabs for inventory! This was a great idea all around! The one thing I really am sad to see is that quest drops from mobs such as twinkle stars from aibatts go right into items... There is a quest tab.... It's empty... Please send those items there instead. I do need the space... I think it would make the interface a lot cleaner when going through your actual items. Pets tab? Wonderful Fashion? I love it! But I know some of us would LOVE. Absolutely love an extended item inventory with more spaces. I know back pack exists but thats where I put all my cards and theres a lot of them and not all of us can really afford the backpack so giving us even 3 or 4 more lines of inventory space would really help out. In other variations of the game i like to organize my cards by element across and type down and also organize my treasure chests I get by chest level key level key type in order going down. Some of us organize it by CS items such as pvp stat items. Plenty of guild siege players would appreciate this. I don't particularly use my vault as much as I should and I understand there is plenty of room but like a lot of the items i'm carrying on me come from a long grind session so organizing every hour would be a huge pain.. Picking up weapons that mobs drop takes space too for low levels when no events are currently running.

    I absolutely love the rental item feature. It gives new player half decent gear without us having to suffer the high prices per low penya drop. But the downside to this is you're not allowed to put an element on these weapons... Rip a single merc skill. And at that its better to have the weapon than find one off the ground to use the skill. Buying any weapon from a player is going to cost an arm and a leg if there are no events running to even make any penya from. The mob drop rate is considerably low. Not saying that's really a bad thing because I do make a little bit off selling the weapons.. The gear could be tweaked just a TAD bit for sure! Add elemental stat to the weapons.. maybe on the other end nerf the armor just a TAD bit making it a little more even giving us the chance to kill faster but not to the point where we wont die.

    This is really all I've thought of so far but I really hope the community does come here with some nice ideas with supporting details and facts on how it would better the experience for players all over!

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    I vote up for Perin Currency, if is too much to ask, CS item countdown should not run while offline also add up to 100b penya stash. shop and inventory and vendor.


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      yes, I also want perin currency. everyone wants it. lets spam this until they hear us / until we reach them.