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PLEASE, end my misery, seriously!

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  • PLEASE, end my misery, seriously!

    PLEASE, bring closure to this discussion! Thanks in advance

    So guys, I would like to know where should I play Flyff once again! I live in Brazil and have a somewhat good connection. I'm looking for a server with a nostalgic feeling, fast leveling (like being able to max out a character in 2 weeks), fun factor of PvM/Siege/Dungeon farming. I don't care too much about PvP itself, PvM in general is pretty fun already. Siege seems cool because it's dynamic. Also, I want to play on a server with at least 1k players online 24/7. Mainly because solo grinding/leveling is painful.

    Mind you, I have an old account here on US Flyff since long ago with a lot of goodies but low lvl characters. I cherish this account very much lol.

    1) Webzen (US Flyff)?
    2) BR Flyff?
    3) PlayPark Flyff?
    4) Another option ?

    Please tell me. I can't decide, because I'm very attached to my old account on US FLYFF. Thank you

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    Hello Vinilzord,

    Welcome back ! With the recent merge and the events going on, the server Aibatt is quite dynamic.

    About your old account I advice you to send a ticket to the customer support so they will help you find your account:

    Make sure to answer as many of the following questions (in your ticket not here) so we can identify you as the account owner:

    • Account ID (of the affected account):
    • The registered email address:
    • A scan of your ID card - if you're not yet 18 years old, you need the consent of a parent or guardian:
    • Your first and last name, as they appear on the account:
    • Your date of birth, as it appears on the account:
    If you're unable to provide some of the details requested above, please supply us with the following:
    • If you cannot remember the registered email address, give us a list of possible email addresses which may be registered on the account:
    • The date of account creation:
    • The Webzen forum nickname:
    • The names, classes and levels of the characters in the various Webzen games:
    • Payment amount and method used (Paysafecard, SponsorPay, SMS) in the last purchase you made:
    • What places of residence (urban) were used for the account:
    • Other Webzen accounts created by you:

    I hope you will find your account.