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    Greetings, friends.

    Flyff was the first mmorpg I ever played and I've always been fond, I started playing it since the server was lawolf many years ago. I recently went back to the flyff and I see changes, but only that. The game has almost turned into a game for pay, and many things about it are very unbalanced.

    I would like to share some ideas that I have always wanted you to implement in the game:

    1. Better experience for new players. Not all people can play many hours in a row and there comes a point where leveling up is very difficult without wcoin items. I could adjust the experience table by level to make it easier to level up.

    2. I would like them to adjust the skills of the classes. Literally most of the skills are useless these days (Create a true balance in all classes, to make them useful).

    3. I always wanted the game to have real support not an RM BUFF DELIVERY (LOW BUFF STATS --- HEAL USELESS). MORE ORIENTED TO DGN and LEVELING.

    4. Event every week. Encourages player participation and the most active server. Where rewards are a little bit easier for players to get.

    5. WCOIN Store, this is the hardest part of change, it is important that as a company generate income through store items, but there comes a point in the game that you need so many things from the store that taking calculations is a lot of money, I would like the store to be more accessible for players (Option to buy items through Penya directly from the page at affordable prices), It is incredible that any set or any item costs you billions of penya where a new player would find it impossible to buy it without spending money buying WCOIN, There could be other options that improve the economy of the game but the point where you need wcoin if or if it becomes a paid game.

    6. Office quests are fine but should be at most levels of the game to generate more player exp. They could create repeatable missions, daily missions, special missions, to keep the player farming on the maps and generate more experience.

    These are some ideas that I have always wanted, surely there are people with more experience who have a deeper understanding of the subject and could improve them or give them another perspective, but the objective with which I make the post is so that the experience in the game is become more pleasant. I would like to know your opinion friends --------> SE LES QUIERE
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    Before leveling up I need to:

    1) Form an adv party and fill it up with people
    2) Log into my second account to have a leech
    3) Change server because server 1 is laggy as shit and occasionally mobs will TP to me and 1 shot me
    4) Maintain my full party and often jump between servers, go back to town, get replacements and then head back to my XP area

    None of the above should be true. You should be able to just go in and start killing things.

    Also, please give RMs actual scalings. INT doesn't scale anything.


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      1. What for? So they can reach the amazing endgame of a single dungeon and laughable guild siege circus and realise they wasted at least a month of their lives for nothing?
      3. Not sure what you mean "RM BUFF DELIVERY". But yes it's terrible game design to make having a RM to level basically a necessity instead of spreading targetable buffs across different jobs.
      4. Bad idea. The more events happen, less people care about them, more devalued the rewards become. If people need events all the time to feel motivated, it's a sure sign the game isn't fun on its own.
      5. Items cost billions because the game locks too much required for basic grinding behind penya, but is ridiculously lacking in money sink and the genius developers thought making areas where blue gear drops often instead of restricting more the penya generated in-game was a good idea. On top of being full of loopholes for dupping. It had to have made fixes to prevent those in the first place. Had. Past tense. The damage is done and the economy will be trash forever, trust me.
      6. They actually had implemented weekly quests that cycled every week at some point that were different depending on your level range. It didn't last long. Why? Nobody knows. It was the best thing they had done in 5+ years. They also added a long list of scenario quests with a boring nonsensical plot that retcons the game's plot for the 10th time. They actually helped quite a lot if you were new, but two of the quests' objectives were swapped for some unholy reason, like a lv50-something quest expecting the player to kill lv70+ monsters. IIRC that was never fixed. They're not going to improve questing as they can't even get the basic done right.

      Bottomline is, don't bother. You're the 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000th person who shows up making suggestions, some which were suggested over and over and over since 2006. People literally gave, IN PERSON, Gala Lab clear instructions on how to fix certain things, and they never did.
      This game should have been shutdown years ago. It's addicts paying 3 digits a month to resell cash items that keep servers like these afloat.


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        Originally posted by Laughingsakurai View Post
        ... but two of the quests' objectives were swapped for some unholy reason, like a lv50-something quest expecting the player to kill lv70+ monsters. IIRC that was never fixed.
        If you are talking about the Reonan Quests that required you to kill Carrier Bombs and Dumps, both of those quests were fixed a few years ago.