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Flyff and You: A plee towards Webzen

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  • Flyff and You: A plee towards Webzen


    I used to play Flyff a long long while ago, way back a couple of versions years ago. And it was pretty fun. But things have changed for some reason, and I wanted to address those changes in the hopes of making Flyff a better experience for new players and myself should I choose to play it again.

    In the old days you could get 6% per aoe... at level 65. But now exp rates are mediocre. Awakens give varying stats instead of a few different stats with a big chunk of numbers, that everyone likes to see on their equips. Now I'm not bashing new management, and that would obviously get the thread locked, but I would like to say that since most people have limited time on a game, it should be something that you progress on easier, or faster. Awakens still cost 100k each, they should give the same potential +44 sta total as before. Players still have limited time they can play, exp rates should be much higher. Being Lvl 30 for a month is not fun. Alternatively, unlock all class skills starting at lvl 1 and do things that way.

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    The exp is as garbage as it is so the devs can milk as much money as possible out of players in the form of Q Amps and such.


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      The server hosting is garbage as well, from what I am experiencing, even maplestory staff isn't this cheap on their server hosting.