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Hows Flyff nowadays?

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  • Hows Flyff nowadays?

    Hello, I used to play flyff a longe time ago, and since it went to flyff gold I couldn't play it anymore, I missed darkon, flaris, sm full of stores, shouts and other things.
    Is the server full? I mean is there several shouts for plvl, selling, multiple stores still? Hows the market? Is the game still dead? I wanna come back, every year I download the game but get sad by seeing how the game is different from what I was used to it. I don't know if there is some people who remember how flyff was good those old days.
    Thank you bros <3.

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    I would also like to know which job the community would recommend for someone starting on aibatt server fresh and hope to not spend much money?


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      Servers are still in the post-merger honeymoon phase so yes they're relatively active, for now. Market is shit. Yes it's still "dead". Take my advice and look for a newer MMO. The game has actually gotten gltichier than it used to be and choke full of rotting content.