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Is there any kind of re-make planned?

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  • Is there any kind of re-make planned?

    Hi all,

    First time I played FlyFF, the version was v6 or v7 (so long time ago). From this time, I see not really much changed (except events, items, upgrading systems). But, there is still many things to improve.
    Many bugs/crashes still exist (for 15 years, wtf?). Is there any re-make of this game planned? I suspect, if developers will do, as they doing till today, the game will die soon or sooner.
    The game was very good back in the time and many players was playing it, but the time flies and developers/managers seems to fall asleep long time ago. It seems that they don't give a sh*t about players, they only count money.

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    Hello Edgssa,

    If by a re-make you mean a complete overall of the game with new graphics then there are no plans for such a thing by GALA that we know of. The main strength of Flyff is the nostalgia that players are having toward the game, remaking the game would defeat this purpose in my opinion (and it is only my personal opinion).

    For now the developers are updating the game through a regular stream of updated events.

    About Flyff dying soon, people have been calling the death of Flyff for more than 15 years now, so I would not bet on that. Obviously it doesn't mean that the game is perfect and need no change, we are constantly reporting issues to the developers and we are hoping that the game gets better over time.


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      I think now more than ever might be a good idea to release brand new servers now that everyone more or less has to stay inside and have nothing to do all day besides playing video games to rediscover their love for this game in a fresh new environment


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        You could adapt flyff graphic to BoTw graphic and don' t lose the essence of the game at all. "nostalgia"