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Increase siege lives limit from 6 -->10

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  • Increase siege lives limit from 6 -->10


    Just wanted to make a suggestion since i saw this being implemented in the official Philippines/SEA version of FlyFF and thought it should be implemented here aswell since we have people who siege religiously every week and to have more lives for siege would be alot of fun especially when it already is proven to work on another official version of FlyFF.
    The idea is just to increase the life cap from 6 lives to 10 (or whatever number).

    That's all, I hope i can get more players who can share their opinion on this matter.

    Thanks in advance

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    Since siege is only once a week and the siege often ends after 10minutes I think this is pretty good idea to stretch our time inside siege arena.


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      Excellent idea from excellent swede


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        thats a great idea! I think 10 lives is the perfect number without stretching siege out too much!


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          Sounds good to me! More siege for the players
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            I'm not playing siege myself, but this will make it more fun for those who do.



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              Totally agree on this, increasing the lives will make it more enjoyable for watchers from the outside and also the siegers themselves while playing. Will be alot of fun too for content creators.


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                Thanks for the suggestion, we'll take this into consideration.
                Submit a ticket here


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                  I think this is a perfect idea!! As many players of FlyFF only upgrade/invest in FlyFF to become stronger for siege, making siege longer would be something that FlyFF needs to become even better. Since siege is only once a week, 15min sieges seem to be quite fast and if you dont do good people have to wait a whole another week to siege again. Adding a total of 10 lives would give siege a more competitive edge and a chance for players to enjoy siege for more than 15minutes a week.

                  Please Webzen consider this idea!!! this is what majority wants, siege is love, siege is life!!!!!


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                    As a weekly sieger I can get behind this. Sounds like more fun for everyone!


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                      Hello, this will be implemented with tomorrow's maintenance, amongst other changes. Read more here: Guild Siege Update


                      Your Flyff team
                      Submit a ticket here


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                        great. 99% don't care about pvp and guild siege. can you work on something more important?