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Shinigami set 2020 revamp of the stats

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  • Shinigami set 2020 revamp of the stats

    After farming a bit of Lunar New Year event, I got these new sets and found that... after investing alot of money for Blessing of Godess to make perfect Fierce set, Azurite got released. Alright I spent again to make this Azurite worthy and now these Shinigami sets with stats came out and ruined it again because thanks to them there is a better fashion combo for Attack, other than Azurite: Luxury Hairband+ Shinigami Suit+ Mizu Gauntlet+ Shinigami boos.. much better for Ranger/Blade/YJ than Azurite. I think this will lead to a drop in sales for Azurite sets in Cash Shop and I wonder if it's possible to revamp these stats on Shinigami sets or at least certain parts, in order to keep Azurite the best set still.
    I think it is fair for a set that worth 8000 WCoin and for the people who spend money in order to get the best set. It will help ALOT of players who already got blessings on their Azurite. Please just take your time and look into this issue.

    I wonder if other people feel the same like I do and would agree for the Shinigami parts to have different stats in order to keep our beloved Azurite Sets

    Thank you,


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    Developers has no idea about any balance in this game. It's quite naive to invest any real money in game like this, therefore it is only your fault.