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Certain pets unavailable outside of other players?

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  • Certain pets unavailable outside of other players?

    Recently had a few players approach me over a pickup pet that I've had for a long time now, that part is mostly unrelated but it made me wonder why I have only seen it in the cash shop maybe once or twice since I got it when it came out originally. I go to look it up on the wiki and it says it's not purchasable anymore, can someone explain what caused them to no longer be available in the cash shop?

    Edit: Just went through the page history and it went from sometimes purchasable to not purchasable so now I'm even more curious about what the reason for that was.
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    What pickup pet is it?


    • StormyMoon
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      Late response I know, it's the Lumia pet.

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    Pick-Up Pet Lumia looks so cute
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