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Fresh year, fresh start, anyone?

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  • Fresh year, fresh start, anyone?

    Heya there!

    I've been playing this game for the longest time now, and I have always had that tradition to try and start new every new year, with a new char and all.
    Well I know it's not very interesting if we do it all over again next year even, but eh. I do that because most of the time my friends/guild ends up leaving before me and I lose motivation...

    So I guess I am going to try again this year ! Because why not? And that's why I am asking here to see if some people would be interested to join in (or just, play on your side but maybe new too )
    It's just that I want to create a new dude and play around Madrigal, but I am afraid not to find any partner or nobody to play with or chat at all ^^

    About my new start :
    - I am going to take some stuff with me, so it's not totally a fresh start, but I am planning on killing the monsters anyway.
    - I am not going to use boost. Cause I don't like it and it takes all the grinding fun away.
    - I am not going to use amps. For the same reason as above.
    - I am a chinese farmer so I can kill and kill and kill and no prob to do it for hours if I have friends to talk to
    - I might have low connection time because I do have to work to buy food, so I'm kinda restricted as the playtime I had when I was a child playing when off school haha

    What I'd love
    - Friends that are here to chat whilst monster bashing
    - Friends around my level so we can level together maybe...
    - Friends that wont skyrocket up to 170-H 3 days after creating their char
    - Friends that wont leave in the next 3 days because they are not 170-H and "omg too long"
    - Maybe a guild ? a Discord?

    So yeah, if you want to join in, feel free to start up new vagrants in the new year time, or days around ^^ You can do that on every server (I'm on CW myself) and have fun with players like old days ! (Yeah, I know you've heard that one millions of time, but I am still believing we can enjoy our time ^^)

    I will do that fresh start and hope to not be alone from 1 to 120

    I hope to see some of you soon !
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    Hey there!

    There are still people who doesnt care just about the max level of 170, I like that. I would appreciate to go with you through this time. It's like the good old days, where there wasnt Q'Amps, Boost Service and such the other stuff which throw you almost to the max level. I talk about the time, when you had to search a Partner (Ringmaster) to level with and you could interact and talk to that Person and have so much fun! The time when you had to level your skills on your own, to get them max.
    Only OG know that, it was such a good time, I miss it.

    Well, I hope we will find more people to go with us and Flyff will grow up again, especially on Server Clockworks, where I gonna be as soon as possible in early 2020.

    Peace. ().()


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      Well, glad to see I'm not the only one that is ready to give it a shot ^^ I'll let you know when I start my journey, maybe tomorrow or the day after, depends of my mental hehe
      I hope some others will give it a try


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        If you want to join me in, Name will be Pyromania ^^ Hope to see some friends IG soon