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  • Can't get in game

    I been sitting here awhile after my game crashed and I load to the Character and it says connecting please wait. Is anyone else having the same issue?

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    Same thing here. Just like yesterday, the character log-in seems to have crash at midnight. Took about two hours to get it fixed.
    The EU server is unaffected.
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      I was doing quests, was flying to the area and then crashed. I tried to log back in and it gets stuck at the character part.


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        Same ....Again...wth this sux..I uninstalled downloaded (3 hours) another flyff started it up played for a bit then ssdd.. Fix this please FLYFF.


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          It's still down, this was a waste of effort.


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            Aibatt server status
            - down Wednesday at 23:20 Dec 11 2019 (UTC)

            expecting a connection after the Exceptional Maintenance - 12th of December start at 07:00 [UTC]. strikethrough

            Aibatt back online at 02;30 UTC

            Aibatt.server. offline Achives..

            - Wednesday Dec 10 2019, 23:30 UTC server Down, back on line Dec 11 02;30
            - Thursday.... Dec 11 2019, 23:20 UTC server Down

            operational at around 2:30 UTC

   Webzen Team.
            What will happen if again Friday night we have the same connection issue. ? and this week-end ?
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            • Guillitine
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              wow 9 hours

            • Pabo
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              Server just back On, so it's not 9 Hours Off Line but about 3 hours
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            My bet is they won't do anything until the maintenance scheduled to start at 07:00 UTC.

            Edit: And as soon as I post that, they begin to fix it.
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            • Pabo
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              good. someone fix it in the middle of the night Dublin time.
              Active post in forum always helps the other side.
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