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Suggestion for the rewards system events (GS, rooms)

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  • Suggestion for the rewards system events (GS, rooms)

    Hello everyone,

    After some discussion with some people in the FR community, we had an idea. We don't know if you have also this problem.
    A rule should be put in place:
    - GS Saturday:
    Distribution of rewards according to GS ranking:
    - The first, second and third (see for fourth and fifth): 1 GS chip
    - The first will have 10 GS cloak.
    - The second will have 5 GS cloak.
    - The third will have 2 GS cloak.
    - The others: no chips or cloak.

    - Flarine rooms Sunday:
    Distribution of rewards according to the classification of rooms:
    - The first: 1 GS chip
    - The others: no chips

    - Darkon rooms 2 Sunday:
    Same operation, red chips in rewards of the winning guild. This would promote the smooth running of the week's events.

    The PVM guilds will prefer to play the Flarine rooms if they want the Gs chip otherwise the Darkon rooms if they want the red chips. PvP guilds may have more seats at the GS.
    This will also revive Flarine rooms are now abandoned.

    PS: The system of the 2nd chips for 2 wins in a row for the GS and the taxes remain the same. The sum of chips, cloak as well as all other things is only an assumption and can be modified if you find that it is a little abused.

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    Sorry for my english.

    Best regards,

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    Im all up for a change in rewards for GS and Tower Siege, but Id like to modify your suggestion a bit.

    I think the 4th and 5th placement in GS should also get a coin. I mean its called "guild siege participation box", so including a few more of the 8 Guilds into getting the coin-rewards seems more reasonable to me. Not all 8 though, cause then fake guilds will keep applying.
    I think they should remove getting double coins for 2 consecutive wins and also remove the inability to have your guild apply for the 3rd siege after you won twice in a row.

    For the Tower Siege rewards:

    The Darkon Tower reward is kinda meh, they should update it to something useful. Flaris should have the same reward. But I dont think a GS coin is a good reward, since as the name says its a "Guild Siege Participation" reward. you shouldnt get it for winning tower siege. Maybe something else would be more appropriate here.


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      Everybody who is participating in GS should get a reward like it is now! I don t have nothing against for the stronger teams to get better rewards. Cheers


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        I think that TS should give GS coins, or a new coin that gives similar rewards, there are plenty of people in the game that play for the PvE aspect and are forced to try join PvP just to get the consumables to max out their potential. TS rewards are outdated, just like old guild seige ones were too.