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Shaduwar/Eillun Continent

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  • Shaduwar/Eillun Continent

    Now here me out, If the Block and Attack rate of the mobs on this Continent from Shaduwar, Valley of the Risen, Kaillun Grassland, and Dahara Desert. Have them at the same rate of other continents, and not have them higher or harder then dungeons. People may actually go out there to Lvl or Farm. And create a blink to Eillun since it is suppose to be a Main Town. Can we make this a thing??

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    They don't wanna make it the main town because it will make Flaris empty and players that are brand new to the game will think that it's dead. (Even though it is lol). But I totally agree with you with the block rate.


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      They won't do that, because Gala and Webzen want you to pay more for cash shop power ups and for protect scrolls (to make ur gears more powerful).