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General ideas on Private Shop pricing

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  • Vashtati
    started a topic General ideas on Private Shop pricing

    General ideas on Private Shop pricing

    Hi all. It's been a longggg time since I've tried playing Flyff. I've only really come back because I have this personal goal of maxing out at least one character in games I never fully paid attention to.

    I'm completely unfamiliar with item pricing now. What's a general rule to follow based on equipment/character levels? Right now I'm getting drops for characters in the 47-53 level bracket. My initial idea was to make them all greens around 500k, since most shops seem to be going for the millions. I'm thnking of dropping everything down much lower, since quest items seem to be the real seller anyway.

    Pardon my ignorance. The only way I can truly gauge prices is by how I see them sell, after all.

  • MothSyndromE
    Prices depend on items' usefulness + their quntity in the markets, so the best option is to check items in the shops and vendor regularly.

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