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You seriously have to update this

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  • You seriously have to update this

    Hello lads,

    I've been trying to convince friends to give flyff a chance just for the fun never to take too seriously, and when i search for a kind of oficial guide I find this

    Where most if not all the information hasn't been updated.

    Do you suggest some other guide?

    Best Regards

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    Hello GartugaKM,
    I try to keep the Flyff Wiki updated. You can give that a try.


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      Hello Serabell,

      The issue with wiki is that it's a wiki not exactly a guide.

      Harder for new players to use it properly

      Best Regards


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        Since you refered to the Flyff page, all the information that is there is also given on the wiki. There is also a page named New Players guide (, all the upgrading is there. The differences per job are also explained. You are correct that there is no guide for stats or anything like that, this is done since stats are quite subjective to fill in and there is no right answer for that. For those I would direct you to this forum or the Flyff Discord.