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Expanding the size of 1v1 arena siege

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  • Expanding the size of 1v1 arena siege

    Hello Team Webzen,

    I’d like to discuss about the 1 VS 1 Siege every saturday that always held 1 1/2hr (correct if I’m wrong) before the Guild siege, because it has been really useless for the siegers and for all the competitive 1 v 1 players esp. for the people who are really laggy or not really doing well in “Guild siege” and might do well or discover some mechanics by learning and participating in 1 vs 1 siege on what they can change to their stats so they can buy Re-STAT in shop if they come up to some ideas.

    but for us to make the 1 vs 1 siege more alive we have the expand the 1 vs 1 siege arena at least almost the same size of the “Guild siege arena” for every job that use mechanics esp. BP’s because you need some spacing for you to do an outcasts versus your opponents You don’t really need a big distance but at least a good Arena with enough size as Guild siege arena will be better for every class.

    And.. if you are thinking that the 1 v 1 siege may take a while to finish battling to each other or killing each other like for example is “ Seraph vs Knight” (or same class)
    It will be really hard to finish the Battle to kill each other knowing both class are having HIGH amount of HP”
    we can make the set up as No pots or No one can use a pots or a Jar inside so the health is getting low at least little by little for the classes that don’t have 1 hit.
    From this things we can do and learn a lot of metas like ex: Templar using a 1hit rune = easy win.

    This idea is also benificial for all the players especially that it can also warm us up before siege.

    Because it is really sad that the 1 vs 1 siege is just used by hoarding Blue chips and to get some CS. What about people who are competitive? Lets please make the 1 vs 1 siege alive for all the class.

    Please! Have a good day/evening Team webzen!
    Thank you! 💪🏻😁

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    I agree, its a cool idea! Sadly 1v1 siege is only 30mins before regular siege, so a guild cant sign up to both, so youll need alt guilds and alt chars if you wanna warm up for regular siege. Great idea tho!
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      And for that, if all the siegers are going to participate to warm themselves up they won’t be able to save their CS up until siege happens because I know many of them wants to make this happened. If their CS run out then they would need to use more cs so More cs more top up like the only cs that players can get from the shop like potent and dct and stuffs. Regardless if they don’t use in 1v1 no more people can save CS when participating this is the bad sides but ofcourse good side is getting the prize by winning in every round. 😁


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        Yeah, I'll second this idea 😊


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          I honestly think the arena is big enough from my experiences.
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            Increasing the size of both the 1v1 Arena and the actual casual PvP Arena would be great!
            With all the speed thats available now, it really doesnt cut it anymore.
            But more importantly, you need to reschedule the timing for 1v1 Siege in such a way that a guild thats participating in the actual Guild Siege can also participate in the 1v1 Guild Siege.
            In addition to that, it would be nice to remove the bug, where you get "invisible walls" and cant get close to objects if your speed is more than 360 or 361. That is pretty annoying.
            And last but not least:
            Please remove the fact that you have to leave guild after winning twice in a row, thats just a horrible quality of life implementation and accomplishes nothing!