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Whats up with dark princess exp bonus??

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  • Whats up with dark princess exp bonus??

    I bought the dark princess set+ cloak. According to the set bonus, and also homepage who´s brags about (25% more EXP!)
    So yeah, i was expecting some kind of % inc, and still i gain the same amount of exp with and without it? (trying on lvl 1 mobs)

    Whats up with that??

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    Are you looking at only the per cent you gain for each kill? That can be misleading at times; the true test is by looking at the experience POINTS you gain for a kill.

    Try this:
    Calculate the points you gain for ONE kill without the set and cloak equipped and compare it to the points gained with them. There should be a 25% difference.


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      Hey Len, im not sure ! What i did was:

      first try,
      without anything on me, 21.42 exp %

      Second try
      only the cloak on me 21.42 exp %

      Third try
      whole CS set on me 21.42 exp %

      and last one was with the CS set (without the cloak) 21.42%

      So i could not see any difference at all, in the %.

      if you have the time to explain what u mean with exp point pls enlighten me


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        I will die laughing if the set just doesn't work.


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          I tried again.
          Killed 6 small aibatts with complete CS on with a freshly started char and i got to 85,71% 12/14 Exp points.
          I created a new char again and killed 6 small aibatts without anything on me. Got to 85.71 12/14 Exp points, in other words the exactly same exp% / exp points.

          Webzen can you look into this since it ruins the whole purpose with the set,and maybe remove it from shop until you fix it.


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            Originally posted by Coco View Post
            ...if you have the time to explain what u mean with exp point pls enlighten me
            What I said about % per kill being misleading is much more noticeable at higher levels, where you may only gain 0.01% per kill. So, one kill shows 0.01%; two shows 0.02%: three shows 0.03%; four shows 0.05% (using the 25% exp bonus).
            Using the actual experience number is an absolute measure of what you gain from a kill. See this number by hovering on the "Experience Bar" below the action bar.


            • Len45
              Len45 commented
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              Writing about higher and lower levels got me thinking.

              Maybe the answer is that an Aibatt gives 2 experience points with no bonus. A 25% bonus would give 2.5 points. Since the game only deals in whole numbers, you only get 2 points per kill. Try killing something that gives 4 basic points, or more.

            • Coco
              Coco commented
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              I think u were right man!
              I tried with my lvl 75 on lvl 79 Mutant yetti with each kill giving these results on my exp bar:
              (Without CS) 72.58 - 72.60 -72.62-72.64-72.67-72.69 EXP
              (Full DarkPrincess CS) 72.69 - 72.72 - 72.75- 72.77- 72.80- 72.83.EXP

              So when i was using the CS it gave me about 0.03 exp for each kill and without it 0.02.

              Thamks for coming up with that idea Len. The "bomus" it gives is not much but atleast we know it works now.

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            The bonus is a lot when u have 3x xp and qamps running
            JagerKnight - Lvl 131 Slayer- PhoenixRisings
            MsPayo - Lvl 137 Seraph


            • Len45
              Len45 commented
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              I don't think the suit bonus affects any amp bonus other than adding to it.

            • Jammey
              Jammey commented
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              I know 2x and 3x xp does and I am pretty sure amps do also I had some guildies that tested it a while back

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            Dont test on aibatts, rounding will screw you.
            Instead, go to monsters a few level higher.
            Then perform the following steps:

            1. Hover over the EXP bar at the very bottom of your screen (next to your action slot) and note your current EXP (the exact points not the %-value) (VAR a)
            2. Kill a monster and note your current exp again, without the set/cloak being equipped (VAR b)
            3. Kill the same monster again, but this time with cloak/set being equipped. (VAR c)

            perform the the following calculation:

            (VAR) Result 1 = Var b - Var a
            (VAR) Result 2 = Var c - Var b
            => if you devide Result 2 by Result 1 you can see if the EXP Bonus works. (if so, the result will be ~ 1.25)