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Need Some Advice for Guild Sieging and Job Selection

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  • Need Some Advice for Guild Sieging and Job Selection

    Hey there all, getting back to the forums after a long time .

    I have some doubts about which classes should I run for my account, and Guild Siege in the future, mostly because I feel GS is the most fun stuff I can do with them, and because any of them should do very good PvM (Boss and Giant Hunting included) and PvP. I decided I want all my characters to be able to GS very well, and I want to know which classes are the most popular/useful at GS. I can run any, except Force Master, and AFAIK, Templar and Mentalist are very overlooked, and are not worth for GS, even for other things.

    It'd be great to know the pros and cons of each of the following classes, and the roles they perform (for those popular enough at GS): Crackshooter, Harlequin, Arcanist, Slayer (I know it isn't effective at GS, but a good option for other things), and Seraph. Also bear in mind I want to be able to do other things in the game, and I want to do them the best I can, that means, for example, if I were to choose Slayer as a character, I want it to be able to do the best it can do, which is Boss Hunting IIRC, and Sieging, even if that means getting God-Tier stuff really later, later on, to be able to perform both naturally .

    First, I know Crackshooters are a kind of Jack-of-All-Trades, and a very popular option at GS, and they can AoE effortlessly. Harlequins are point farmers, and look the coolest to me, due to their many useful skills for GS and PvP, and because they wield Yo-Yos, a rare weapon to see on a game, but do bad at Boss Hunting (something I may solve with the proper gear). I know Arcanists are also a very dominating class on GS, but I don't know why, best bet is they can stun someone for a minute and can deal powerful AoEs and spells (which negate parry and block stats). Slayers are the fastest melee killers, perhaps are one of the most favorite classes because they can dual-wiel swords and/or axes, but aren't considered for GS. Finally, Seraphs are highly-sought because they can provide really good buffs, and I feel they have enough HP, can survive on GS, while rooting rivals and buffing on-the-go (if such a thing is possible during GS).

    Preferably, I'd run a DEX, STR, INT class each, and so far, Crackshooters, Slayers and Arcanists are on my list, but I also know it is possible to have an account with 6 characters, and I'd run all of them. It'd be better just to stick to 3 characters. My doubts are mostly which class to choose between Slayer and Harlequin, and Arcanist and Seraph. If all characters combined provide the most different gaming experiences, the better.

    Thanks in advance, and God bless .