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    Hi Everyone!

    I really liked "The Macaron Rain´´ event and I'd like to see more of these sort of drop events for old small time consumables. My next suggestion would be to drop perhapse either 5min eggs (+3 Stat, Parry, Def etc) much like the macarons or gumballs (+5 str,sta,dex)! If possible, drops with consumables such as Flash Charms, Cooked Octopus, Yellow snowflake etc would also be very appreciated by the pvp community!

    +1 for the macaron event!
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    Hello AxeellDaBlazer,

    Thanks for your feedback. We're glad you liked the "Macaron Rain Event". We hope to get more feedback about it in order to evaluate future plans for more events like this.



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      Totally agree!
      Augs, BoGs, Upgrade Scrolls etc can be bought any time through cash shop. Getting these consumables is really hard! And most "end game"- players are really low on them.
      More events like the last one for different of these sorta rare short time consumables would also give those "log-in once per week for 20min siege" - players a reason to play FlyFF even during the week.
      Very good idea and nice event!


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        I also appreciated the Macarons Rain Event and I totally agree with Thomas's idea. Maybe bring back some old consumables such as "Lovely Briquette".

        Thank you,



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          Melon Cookies, Cooked corn, Soy Beans, dumbbull steak are also these very old and rare cs that would be appreciated if dropped in a similar event.


          • Flavi
            Flavi commented
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            Oh man Soy Beans, been so long since I've seen one of those