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Just thinking about a "new" Flyff

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  • Just thinking about a "new" Flyff

    Hello everyone!
    I come back days ago to play again this beautifull game, but... there was something missins on my mind...
    I mean, this game has evolved too much in few years, thing that make me a bit lost about how the game wroks.
    I remember the old good days when we had to spamm abilities like crazy to lvl them up! That was amazing
    I was wondering what if.....
    They make a "new" flyff server V3-4 back those days?
    That would be awesome, no a P2W like it looks like its nowdays.
    They should try that, or at least make a survay about that, i would be so pround if they do that... and i would come back with more energy to play on it!
    Thanks for reading... ^^

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    Remember: if game is free - it's pay2win. Especially if it has anime/asian style.


    • IWantasdas
      IWantasdas commented
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      Not necessary, because with customes and things like that, would make more money than killing the game being P2W :c
      Not only paying to be the very best is always the best way to keep the game alive, sometimes the cs sets is wroth.

    • MothSyndromE
      MothSyndromE commented
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      1) not with such shitty mechanics - developers aren't able to fix 10 years old bugs, why should i pay to such untalented people?
      2) not with such shitty balance - 80% of bosses can't be taken down without cash shop trash like scrolls of protection and other upgrade things. PvP is absolutely pay2win
      and yes, i would like buy cs sets in games with much more better graphics, where i can observe their beauty with much more satisfaction.(just to mention: 3 sets in this low graphics game cost like another good game, lol)
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    • IWantasdas
      IWantasdas commented
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      1- Nowdays they have such developers to make those bugs dissapear, or they must know how to do it at least :c
      2-If you are considering to beat the boss solo, like nowdays its a dumb way to say before was impossible with out few items, its a p2w way aswell, i know.
      And they can upgrade tose old graphics.
      Well, i had so much more fun before when the game was full of people, trying to beat their friend lvl skill, and doing random stuffs, not like now, the world is empty, you cannot see anyone leveling, or farming a item, or just walking around playing with friends.... just the max lvl doing AFK and thats all....