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    1st question

    I was wondering about 2 things. If i buy Wcoins for dollars... they are also spendable on CW (EU) server? Is currency account related or server related?
    This is just for future orientation, when ofcourse a great sales/top up pops up ^^

    2nd question

    Event drops are better when you kill 1vs1, at least i always understood it works this way. So you kill with a blade, or BJ or ranger.

    My question is, how does this work, does it get decided whether you use an aoe skill or not?

    When you kill 1vs1 with a elementor by using magic attack does it count 1vs1? And therefor high event drop?
    When i kill by reflect damage due to killing with wearing champion set... and the mob dies because of reflect damage does it count as 1vs1?

    When i aoe 10 mobs and when they are low hp, and i start killing them 1 by 1 does it count as 1vs1? Or has that been cancelled due to already having used an aoe skill

    Also with reflect damage when playing psy? does that count as a 1vs1 killing job or an aoe skill?

    Hope to hear from you guys

    Thank you

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    Wcoins are account related.