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  • Cat Costume SALE in Shop

    Hey! Do you guys know the purple cat costumes which comes with an event once a year, which is sadly not a permanent one? İts duration is 30 days... So many people wish to get the Cat Costume Set as a perma set in the shop, at least for 1 day. Just like how they did it 2 weeks ago with the Tamed Bolo Pet and the other rare pets. So the ones that wish for years to get the set as perm set get the chance to buy it from the shop for 1 day. We already had many discussions about it on discord, many people sent tickets for it as well. But still; there’s no cat costume set in the shop available. I really wish and hope that we get it soon, just like the 1-Day-Sale with the Tamed Bolo and the other rare pets. And to be honest; it’s really time to get new fashion in the shop since the old ones are already so out... Thank you...
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