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Rare Weapons/Shields Losing their "Shininess" after Transmutation?

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  • Rare Weapons/Shields Losing their "Shininess" after Transmutation?

    Hey there y'all.

    I noticed lately that after transmuting weapons or shields into those with a glassy/glossy look (Ancient Shield, for example), don't have this characteristic, which sucks, because that's the main reason I transmute those weapons into them (in my case, at least).Oddly, engough, this wasn't a problem some weeks ago, when I succesfully transmuted a shield into an Ancient Shield (yes, it "inherited" that glassy/glossy look).

    Shouldn't the developers fix this? I already transmuted two shields, only to find they don't have that glassy/glossy look, and I don't want them to remain like that, nor having future transmuted weapons//shields to be like that too.


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    im not sure about the look of shield but if you don't like it there is a revert transmute scroll to change the look back to its original look


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      u get that shiny look when u transmute a non shiny Shield into a shiny Shield. example: ancient Shield transmuted to look like wooden Shield, is an shiny wooden Shield.


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        What I noticed and annoys me is that, if you have highly upgraded weapon lets say +10 ulti one, there is a red effect on your hands every time you atk. After you transmute it, this effect no longer exists which makes no sense and should be looked into.


        • StormyMoon
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          The +10 no longer has the red streak after you transmute it to make it look different?