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Flyff middle eastern?

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  • Flyff middle eastern?

    Does webzen flyff cover middle eastern territory? Does webzen licensing cover that region?

    I come back from v5, has much changed?

    Last edited by Yolofly; 12-02-19, 11:12 PM.

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    Hello Yolofly,

    Our EU servers might cover your region. Here's the download link of the EU client.



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      a lot might have changed but it is not hard to get used to i went from v7 to right before the new level 170 expansion came out and i have to say i am very happy i started playing again.


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        my biggest suggestion is once you pick a server i recommend clockworks if you going to eu even tho there will be merge soonish is that you spend some time just getting familiar with items people are selling prices of things and dont just jump into the game try to spend a few weeks logging on for an hour or two a day to look around at shops and get a feel for prices also there is a vendor next to flaris bank who will help you sell items if you cant stay logged in all the time and you can look at prices of things there too


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          If you chose meteo thi I got xtra cloaks.

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          the reason i say not meteo is it is hard to get a unique set that you need and takes many hours of grinding getting used to prices before merge imo would be better time spent