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stopping private servers and version 7 suggestion

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  • stopping private servers and version 7 suggestion

    make a V7 server charging a monthly fee
    the end.

    we cant suggest merge or class balancing cause the game is messed up with so much cash shop items
    its useless.
    the economy cant be fixed either after making perins and hackers.
    Its so simple, keep the messed up servers if you and gala likes playing the game by their own because kargos cluster aint got a active player lol.
    just set up a v7 and i will be the first one to promote it.
    i remember glaphan cluster having the 4 servers busy and occupied lol.

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    Hello Luna23,

    Thanks for your feedback. But I fear things are not that easy as you might imagine.

    I assume you have lot's of great memories regarding V7. So do I, but I also remember the huge differences compared to current versions of the game. Not just dungeons and certain game features, but the high level of difficulty.
    In the old days the game most likely consisted of grinding. No instanced dungeons, no PvP arena, no amps or other features / items which make the game more enjoyable nowadays than one decade ago.

    Technically V7 would be on a way older status than todays versions. Maybe we didn't have that much hackers and bug users in the old days, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't have them today with a V7 server. Probably people would easily find ways to abuse exploits, dupe items etc.

    I don't think charging a monthly fee for a long outdated version of the game would make sense (from a marketing point of view). P2P MMOs are dying more and more. Most MMOs which had a P2P business model switched to F2P at a certain point, probably because they couldn't compete with the big players in the P2P segment. Do you think FlyFF could compete with them in order to justify the P2P model?
    Also, you wish to have back V7, probably as an oldschool server. But charging a monthly fee does also mean to provide regular updates to the game. So it wouldn't stick at V7. And why starting over, developing an ancient game, when Gala already got a version history?

    I understand your breeze of nostalgia here. I remember V7 as well and loved it. But I also know that it wasn't the game alone which made this time so enjoyable for me. We were 12 years younger, saw the world (and Madrigal as well) with different eyes and the community was way different, too. It might be sad but I fear it's not possible to recreate the old times and the old feeling.



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      if gala wants to end private servers so, private severs users come back again its with v7.
      v7 had a nice PK system no other game had I mean, server 4 was the pk and used to be full
      remember getting your name red or purple? it used to be mad fun because players didnt grind like you say.
      they used to PVP and buy fashion set(like a festival,marathon, carnaval) real flyffers love PVP not the huge grinding system we have today to level up (now it cost money)
      guild war used to be cool by betting 20-100m per win.
      siege used to be cool because dragon set boost with the old version which its killed by cash shop system now days.
      look at the v7 population endorsement
      1.PVP( titles meant something by colors and superiority and respect )
      2.PK(after max level hubby)
      3.Siege (dragon set and cs items sales for entertainment)
      4.GuildWars(ranking, money,clockworks, raids, etc)

      Im being clear, a game must be a hubby and things must mean something.
      we get updates for the sake of it not because players demand it.
      Im a DBZ fan you saw the new saga? the fans demand it. Business work like that not a whim.
      maybe you remember me Im Caribbean(BP) from glaphan, leader of Supreme Guild.
      I helped ex GM called Xagel improve the game and sales back then
      I came up with the flag capes, pets, and many v7-9 stuff on suggestion section and all got approved
      he left and I left, and everybody else left for the same reason. gala kept making messes
      in v7 we had 3 GMs for each server (population was huge) and we had more than 3k active forums users.

      I'm willing to work with the GMs and the community if so.


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        Hello Luna23,

        The Flyff team is always ready to ear about new suggestions from players but those ideas are more likely to be taken in account if they are feasible and detailed. Very general assessments are harder for us to use.


        • Luna23
          Luna23 commented
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          ok, I have a quick one that could get the game alive again.
          why since, 2005 when the game launched we didnt get the flying system?
          add flying monsters, flying quests, flying siege.
          we had flying monsters before, but couldnt use skills.
          why not adding flying monsters and make new skills, armor, and weapons for it.
          at least, add a flying pet
          a flying pet to pick up flying items and also a flying pet to fight while on board.
          Isn't that possible either, a new flying system?
          characters should have wings and pvp on air.

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        The 2 most popular MMORPGs in the international scene are p2p.
        Other MMORPGs go f2p because their team lacks competence to keep the game content coming at the pace or polish expected from a subscription based MMORPG.

        Flyff could never get away with going p2p because it doesn’t have a tenth of the polish of content. The game still has bugs that get overlooked that you would never see lasting more than a week or two in the aforementioned p2p mmorpgs. Why would any sane person pay a monthly fee for a game whose developers don’t do anything to fix the ever present position lag?

        Also, Flyff is STILL all about grinding, don’t kid yourselves. That’s 90% of the content.
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          wow. I logged on Kargo yesterday and today and cant believe Im the only player online...omg


          • Jammey
            Jammey commented
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            I don’t know what u mean, I was farming dungeons a lot and lvling a new bp there.

          • Meanysword
            Meanysword commented
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            haha @Jammy you left our server to join another dead server? at least thats what it sounds like now

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          the private server should stopped and bring back all the community to the main servers


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            Private Servers are still highly populated which means, that the players there are not satisfied with the current system of the official servers.

            I think you have to make it more attractive again for other ppl to join the official flyff. To be honest.. The older versions of flyff (V3 - V7) were somehow better.

            Why don´t you bring a lvl difference for Pvp back? This would motivate lots of players to start lvling again. I remember that the pvp dmg on higher lvled Players was extremely low the higher the lvl difference was (V3-V4 times). This just sounds logical, because high-lvl players should be stronger than low-level Players. Most lvl 120 & 130 + Players don´t lvl anymore, because they can kill lvl 160+ Players in PvP.
            Even a lvl 80 player with very good equipment can kill a lvl 130+ player nowadays..

            I would appreciate it, if you overthink this again.


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              yeah level cap for pvp its a plus should be like that for siege, too.
              If they dont comprehend the flyff community this game won't due long.
              1,CW must be for guild party
              2.Level cap for pvp and siege
              3.Old Pk System at saint morning pvp arena.
              Just with this 3 things pointed flyff is numero uno at mmo's chart