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    With more Baruna gear existing now and becoming more useful, I would love to see more baruna upgrade bundles during sales or discounts on these items. Especially because the bundles are ridiculously expensive as they are right now, and some of the items were removed, such as standard Blessings of Baruna. You can only find bundles of Ultimate Blessings now, which are very costly.

    Aside from that, I don't believe this is an existing thing yet, but I would love to have an item/scroll/whathaveyou to change the nicknames of pickup/buff pets. For a really long time now, I've wanted to give my precious little companions a nickname to personalize them and make them stand out from all the other same species pets.
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      We need the Lunar cloaks to make a come back, plenty of people were hoping they would have been in the shop for the Lunar New Year but that didn't happen.

      Honestly though a stronger version of them would be nice too so they're more in line with newer statted cloaks.
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        Soul leech beads Perm please or Unbinds ty admin


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          hey guys,
          since there is gonna be the ''easter event'' soon, i wanted to mention that they forgot to add the third MALE bunny yukata set in the shop last year. I think its the MALE ''Rose bunny set''... the female version of the rose bunny suit looks similar to the male one (color is the same also) here is a link of the set:

          Normally there are 6 sets available, 3 female 3 male. But we only had 3 female and 2 male sets in sale last year, so yea the last one (in the link above) was missing. So i hope that it will be available this year since many people asking for it.



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            Hey everyone!

            Sooo nice to see a post like this in the forums.
            I've already tried to send a ticket about some cs suggestions but unfortunately - without success.
            Since I'm an active wCoins buyer and love to shop in the flyff shop as if there is no tomorrow (lol), i'd really wish to see the Cat Costume Set's (the purple ones) for male and female chars in the shop. Unfortunately there are no perm ones in the servers available yet; all i have is some 30 DAYS cat costume sets which i've collected in the last event with much effort lol.

            I do love the idea of special one-time-sales, just like the rare-pets-sale.
            Sooo, i do really hope to see the cat costumes in the shop soon, I wanna trans my boring king fashs already lol...

            I agree with Chiili - ITS ALL ABOUT FASHION BABY!


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              WE ABSOLUTELY NEED THE PURPLE CAT COSTUME SET AS A PERMANENT VERSION !!! PLEASE MAKE IT POSSIBLE IN A SPECIAL SALE!! If you check the forum you'll see that many people wish to have it as a permanet version!! much love


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                Originally posted by FairyAngel View Post
                WE ABSOLUTELY NEED THE PURPLE CAT COSTUME SET AS A PERMANENT VERSION !!! PLEASE MAKE IT POSSIBLE IN A SPECIAL SALE!! If you check the forum you'll see that many people wish to have it as a permanet version!! much love
                I have to agree with Angel on this one, also maybe a present for some OG players, theres a lot of people rejoining the game since the merge, you can see how old the accounts are, maybe something like a baby clockworks pick up pet for those that joined the game over 10 years ago or something.

                Also PLEASE Please reduce the cost of upgrading baruna, its insane, Baruna armour atm is 100% never worth upgrading to +20 because of the cost of ulti baruna graces, if not a reduction in price then please do an event similar to secret drop for the GOOD baruna items (ultimate blessings, ultimate graces, oblivions, baruna reversions, baruno Gpros) or even make secret drop mobs over lvl 130 drop baruna upgrades instead of spros/gpros/apros etc. (if you take this option we really need a new open world area for mobs over 140, we have lvl 170 now with no open world content for it


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                  For the purple cat costume we don't have a permanent version at the moment, it has been requested but it is up to GALA to do it or not.

                  For the Baruna Items we recently did a 10% promo on it as well as a cheaper lucky box.


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                    I'm still looking for the Magic Carpet. Would look great with my ele and her sinbad set


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                      I'd like to see Precious beads (3 days) added into the shop! Rather just pick which one you like for a limited time than having to open fortune boxes, like with the sacred beads!
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                        Having Scroll of Amplification Q back in the shop for a limited time would be nice


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                          15% baruna cards in shop...


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                            A suggestion I feel like webzen could increase their revenue with is the following.

                            Webzen should make the more lackluster sale items available in the shop permanently, such as Dragon sets, Hipster glasses, pick-up pet sales, unbinding scrolls, etc.

                            To fill in the gaps left by these sales, Webzen should hold actual exciting sales with discounts. Some examples I was thinking of would include sales with discounts for certain categories, e.g. weekend sales with a 20% on all character functional items, or a 30% discount on all furniture, etc., there's a lot to think of.

                            I believe this way sales would actually be something people would get excited about rather than a stale repetitive cycle, meaning people would actually be more inclined to buy and spend wcoins.


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                              I believe there should be the consumables section in the CS shop should be updated to have the more rare ones:
                              - Ancient Flower Pot (as it can be used for both exp% and atk%) - I am sure this is an item people would buy

                              -I would LOVE to see new fashions even recolouring of current ones, why not? To get more variety.
                              -As already mentioned - a scroll should be created that can split your fused weapon - so you do not have to lose your second weapon (would be fairer that way if you compare the classes i.e. a blade compared to a knight)


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                                I know it's probably pretty unrealistic but I'd love it if we were able to buy scrolls that restore your transmuted item, as some people have really rare transmutes it's a shame if they're lost on subpar items.

                                For example, the scroll would cost 2k wcoins and return the sacrificed transmute item clean and soul-linked, able to be used for transmutation again but not to be sold on its own to keep it reasonable.