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What do you want in the Item Shop?

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  • What do you want in the Item Shop?

    Tbh, these current sales are boring.
    Klaig promised improvement:

    So here's a little list: !!!! !!! !!! !!!

    Post any further suggestions..

    Edit: Reconsider the old pricings too! Because a lot of items have had 20-50% permanent discount which all these old items do not have applied yet.
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    Been waiting for the soul leeching bundle to come back someday.


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      i would love to see a scroll of ultimate party (i made it up yes ) for somewhere around 1000 wc it would act as a 7 day scroll that would count as all party scrolls so xp points stacking and red. price could be adjustable but give players an option to possibly buy a scroll that allows them to line up all the abilitys together or the alternative is make it a 1 day scroll that does all those things for 1 day for like 200 wc possibly so that you don't have to waste scrolls for 6 days if you can only play a lot for one day out of the week or something like that

      i would also like to see a scroll of positive augmentation for maybe 500 wc ea it would act as a scroll of augmentation that would guarantee a positive stat this might cut down the cost of what it takes to make a set by almost half but would also allow more players to buy a few scrolls each to make decently competative sets where they could basically be paying to make sure their already awakend armor just didnt have negative stats

      possibly in the future maybe we could also see +18 basic rings added into the cash shop for lets say 350-500 wc ea (vigor intel arek and stam) thus giving newer players the chance to buy some decent jelwery to start out but not give them the overpowered stuff like champs and christmas jewlery(which also technically must be bought since apros)

      now that baruna weapons are getting pushed out possibly an event in the future could debut a new scroll of ultimate sucess baruna maybe only up to +10 tho for around 8k wcoin. i think the regular +10 was 4k wcoin. not sure on that specifically but something of that sort or an increased % sucess on upgrade scroll(baruna). something along those lines as they will follow the trend of previous scrolls released.

      also baruna element piercing scrolls. they would allow you to pierce R/S/A/B/C/D cards to your weapon(baruna) possibly sold at 30% more than gpros.

      although yes most of my suggestions would widen the gap between people who spend wcoin and people who don't they also increase the insentive for newer or less fortunate players to invest a reasonable amount into the game to bridge the gap between players while allowing players who aim for the top to be able to get even stronger at a cost of course.

      any opinion on my suggestions are appreciated. even if you want to say my ideas all suck. but preferd supportive comments like adjustments to the effects or cost comparisons and such


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        I really want some good female fashion to become available esp the heartbreaker set and forest fairy, pretty please webzen :-)



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          Just to add i understand these are rare items, but surely they could be sold every now and then at a higher price? like one weekend special or something? I would happily pay the extra, rather than buying 100s of fashion mystery boxes and not receive one.




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            i would like to see :
            1. scroll of skill change
            would be nice to get at least 3 skills from different classes.
            the 3 vagrant skill should be removed and be picked
            i had never seen something like that on other mmo's
            we should be the first one!
            imagine you character with new vagrant weapon purchased from cashshop
            i meant vagrant skils are useless
            add up a new weapon to cast different spells for every class.


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              Thanks for the suggestions.


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                personally i want the
       Sta STR Int
                The cat fashion
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                  i like the scroll of dex/sta/str/int idea or maybe throw them into a super rare drop for an event

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                Friendly Baby Kargo pet, in general new fashion in the shop, cat costume set in the shop once a year (the purple one), cheaper prices on baruna items and augs...