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Your opnion please! New server or more merges?

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  • Your opnion please! New server or more merges?

    I hope whith this new topic to create disscussions about a restart/new server or merges, i want to create discussions on flyff future. The econmic now in flyff is dead. How can new players have any chances to get into this game. When everything coast billions penya? What is the solution on that? Will it always be like this? How can anyone like the econimc situationen in eu/us server.

    Please write your opnionen!

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    If everything costs billions, it also means that whenever you sell something, you get billions! dont see a problem with that. New players can either spend money on the game for a kickstart or just farm their way up, wheres the problem? do you expect new players are supposed to get everything they want without spending either money or time?
    Flyffs economy is neither dead, nor is flyff dead. Some servers are suuuuper active and its only going upwards.
    Also DEFINITELY dont introduce new server, but MERGE as many as possible. this is what gets ppl hyped and playing. its an MMO, keep it that way.


    • Nerve
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      Lmao I wouldn't even know where to begin with a stupid reply like that and the assumptions you make about me but sure boo, stay in your imaginary world where flyff is still a proper and relevant game
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    • ThePhoenix
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      Listen both Hyaton and Nerve you both are talking alot of none sense towards each other , Nerve you may have your opinions about this game but you are hella mistaken , not gonna judge your opinion i will just state my own opinion on top of that , Flyff is dying , ye , nothing new here , but its not about the prices of stuff or new players not sticking in , its because unlike the past , this game doesnt get recognition or commercials to promote it , and the easiest way to prove it is just by looking at the new players , almost 90% of those players say that they are returning players and not new players , cause new players probably somehow found out about this game but its really hard to find a game that doesnt promote itself. But about the economics , it isnt easy , but its possible to grind and get stuff , and there is a pretty easy example for it , just awake noobie gear and get awesome awakes and sell it , even noobies can get the money for awake scrolls and some lvl 3 gear. And you dont need high tier items to become good , i see high rank pvp blades still running around with their perfectly awaked vegrant gear , so cut the crap please Nerve , the game isnt at bad state , its just that people become way to lazy to grind for stuff and succeed , people nowdays prefer the easy way to get stuff and thats why flyff private servers exists.....and Hyaton , with all honesty , as much as i agree with your opinion , you have no right to assume who this person is and talk sht about them just because you THINK that they quited or did anything els. To conlclude this conversation , basically , Nerve you lost all hope in the game and thats why you cant see the bright side in the game and Hyaton all you see is the pink side of the game. But in the end , this game isnt perfect and if your here to see a perfect game after sht loads of years then sorry to dissapoint you but thats not happening , just live with the game as it is while its still alive and nostalgic , no game that lasts this long can have no flaws in it , just look at WOW now or Halo , or even Counter strike , all those games are or dead or dying or in a very hard situation right now.

      With dear regards a player that is in the game since it was launched.

    • Nerve
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      Are you honestly comparing flyff to games like WoW (i.e. games with millions of players that are still thriving)? There's a difference between a game being past its peak like WoW is, but still doing well, and a game that barely has any players left that actually actively play the game, like flyff. Currently, 99% of the handful of people left in every server is AFK pretty much anytime besides siege, if that's not a bad state I'm not sure what you're smoking honestly. I mean, if you still enjoy the game, props to you, but that doesn't mean that overall the game isn't pretty much in a vegetative state at this point.

      Also, saying that the reason flyff isn't doing well only because it's not being promoted is really silly. No amount of promotion can properly incentivize people to play a game that has barely had any *proper* updates for over half a decade and is centered around doing the same bland content for weeks just to progress slightly. Yes, the huge inflation isn't the only reason for the decline in player amounts, but it's certainly not helpful when making money is shaky at best, and having to have half an inventory full of perins to buy anything decent. Of course, it's also caused by the fact that flyff's gameplay, i.e. grind-intensive, isn't appealing to gamers these days. The difference between flyff and the other games you mentioned that you claim are failing is that WoW (for example, I haven't played the others myself) adapt to this and shift their gameplay around gradually to the demand of the players. All flyff has implemented that could be called change in the last 5 years is pretty much entirely more p2w updates, more cash shop items, more gear upgrades, etc., without offering anything else to make investing into those items actually worth it. We still have the same PvP system we had 12 years ago, only now everyone runs around with 50 times the damage, HP and speed.

      In short, flyff has been stagnant for ages, which is logical with Webzen not being able to change anything (or caring enough to try hard to), while the small loyal playerbase who values flyff's nostalgia keeps investing and making it worth Webzen's while to keep the game running. If you're a part of that loyal playerbase, that's good, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a very small group at this point. If anything, being a veteran as you claim is clouding your judgement more than helps it. I've played this game for ages too and I enjoyed the nice aspects of it while it lasted, but those times have passed and pretty much everyone (besides the aforementioned small group) has moved on.
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    Nerve i agree with all that you said but i just wanna add a little bit more information to defend what i said earlier , WOW hasnt reached it peak , the devs ruined the game by adding expentions and alot of other stuff , not to mention that the game costs money , if thats not pay to play then idk what , if your a player of WOW you should know by now that the entire population of WOW gravitated towards WOW Classic cause the fanbase wanted to return to the good old days without all the expention garbage , we both know that WOW can become an amazing game again if the devs focus on upgrading stuff and not being greedy by doing expentions or adding cash shop items like mounts that costs hella alot of money. But at any case the conversation isnt about WOW its about Flyff , your right , alot of players are standing afk now , and there is a simple answer to why that happens , cause they got nothing to do , as a high lvl RM myself that already achieved everything i ever wanted in flyff i really dont have anything to do except standing in flaris and helping other people and it almost looks like im afk. There is a simple solution to this , to how to increase the player base and how to make it more active , 1. is like you said , webzen should add stuff and additional content so more players can play , 2. its like i said , promotion of a game never hurt anyone , in fact promotion can only help a game , 3. and last but not least merging the servers which will increase the ammount of players in a server.
    Lets be honest , we dont really need 6 diffrent US server , 2 EU servers and hella of other servers that has 4 channels each , if we make it to be like 1 US server and 1 EU server with only 2 channels each you will see how big out population is , infact i hope this actually happens but we can never know.
    And your right , maybe cause im a veteran my judgment is colluded because i dont want my loved game to fail even if its already on the verge of it , howerver we both know that the game could be so much better if it gets what it deserves , and lets not jump ahead of time and instantly ask for the game to be great , lets take it by steps , like right now im waiting for the merge of servers to happen to see how this game will progress and later on i hope they will continue trying to figure out how to fix it.
    And like i said earlier in my post ,you dont have to pay real money to be good in the game , it takes time ye , but its not impossible.Ofc if u wanna be a pvp god against people that spent money and years becoming good at pvp then ofc without putting money or years into the game its litterly impossible , however flyff isnt a pvp based game , pvp is just a mode in this huge PVE world.
    Just to make myself clear i do support everything you said , im just clearing up what i meant in my post , and in addition lets just say that for example , webzen adds a new raid in the game with a new boss and obstacles and maybe add 1 more class to the game , you will see how active the population suddenly is , the game can be improved so much more and i dont think that money is the issue in here , after all , i dont think webzen were the once that higher the prices of wcoins or sell stuff for high prices , its the players , we decided how much stuff is worth , we make the game harder to play for new players , and its not something webzen can fix so easly.

    To conclude this , i respect your opinion , i just want you to understand that we can still be open minded about this game , its still not the end and we both know that in the end of the day flyff can be improved so much more.