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New server or terminate the game

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  • Seargant
    started a topic New server or terminate the game

    New server or terminate the game

    So when are you releasing the new server here on flyff. Im tired of playing OSRS.. I really miss this game and the Community. I dont understand why nothing happens... this game has so much potential. I really hope that someday there is a new server otherwise should webzen team terminate the game its almost better! what is now happening in the server is shit.. this game shouldnt be called flyff. I logged in today. 100billions penya for fierce set????? this is not flyff.... this is SHIT!

  • ThePhoenix
    commented on 's reply
    Completely agree with you on what you said and to add to that , webzen in the end is a company and need to earn money , and flyff is free to play so the only way to earn money is by the cash shop, BUT , webzen doesnt force anyone to buy their stuff , and its completely possible to play without the stuff in the cash shop , and lets be honest they do try to make it playable by letting us get stuff from the cash shop by doing events , like furniture like you said and the Devil Cloak that now is dropped from meteonyker that is almost equal to the high tier cloaks if not one of them.
    On top of that , if they release a server and some random guy from lets say dubai decides to spend sht load of money to get cash shop items to become the best in the server in no time , its not really up to them.
    In addition about the forniture game , lets admit , its completely garbage , the stats the furniture gives you are pretty bad compared to stats u can simply wear on you or use power up items , in my opinion furniture isnt worth in general in the game (but its my opinion) especially when most of them are for a limited time.
    And Gloo in general im amazed by the ideas you put up on the table , its alot of stuff i didnt think about , i mean if they actually decide to make a neighborhood in the game with player houses near each other it would be amazing and alot of fun in my opinion.
    I support everything you said in your post (i just wanted to add a little bit more context to what you said) and i thank you for opening my eyes to more ideas that can actually improve the game instead of terminating it like this guy says......

  • Gloo
    There a few things that contribute to these issues.
    We have dupers, first off; and for some reason we can't seem to figure out a way to check item IDs and immediately delete duplicate ids. I'm actually shocked by this to be totally honest..
    We also have no substantial Penya sink in this game. You literally have nothing to spend money on, you need to buy stacks of food which costs almost nothing in comparison to other items you'll be looking for. The price of upgrading should likely be increased. Their housing system COULD have been a fantastic way to funnel money out of the game. Tax players based on size of house, have more customization within housing, maybe have a zone that acts like a neighbourhood so you can come in and out of your house and see people outside of their house etc. This could expand into exterior decorations, paint etc.
    We have furniture in game, and it's not super cheap; but it's also useless other than to make the room look nice. AND what's worse is they ruined that by making even better looking furniture with stats for real money and no way to get them in game other than hoarding them from events. It's actually baffling when you sit and think about it. This has happened through different areas of the game as well, the housing system is not alone there.
    All I can say is we're on the route to a new server, or rather a merged server. Check the announcements before you make yourself look silly. :P
    However when everything is merged I wouldn't be shocked if they actually decide to release a new server as it stimulates the player base to spend a tonne of money getting to the top of that new server. I know they said they don't want too, but I don't think it's up to them.
    Given their track record, they're probably going to do that lol.

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  • ThePhoenix
    Heya there buddy , first of all im gonna state that im a player/veteran that plays since the game was released , im stating this not to laugh at you but to explain that i have the experience and enough time put in the game to show you i understand how stuff roll here. About your server issue that you talked about , webzen do takes measures by currently announcing that there will be a server merge which will fix the population problem that happend cause of too many servers. Third of all , the issue that goes in the servers about stuff costing a lot has nothing to do with webzen in the slightest , at the end of the day such high prices started going on cause PEOPLE started dupping and PEOPLE higher the prices of their own stuff , webzen has nothing to do with this if the people themselves ruin their own game experience. Forth of all , what u suggesting about opening a new server has already happend and nothing changed , look at clockworks , after US servers became trash cause of high prices (like you are stating aswell) i moved to the new server of Clockworks in the EU servers , brand new server , brand new prices , i could buy cs stuff for like 10mill instead of 100bill , howerver the duppers moved aswell , and the people with high prices moved aswell , and now fierce set indeed costs 100bill like you said. You think that it was webzen fault? webzen helped us by opening a new server , and we as players ruined it AGAIN and AGAIN , so opening a new server like you want wont change jack sht. Fifth of all , terminate the game? seriously? just because you are unable to play and cry about it? dont make me laugh buddy. i have a friend that started playing like 2 months ago , had the same complaints as you , i told him i wont help him except for giving him advices , i said i will not give him stuff cause it will ruin the experience for him , and guess what , he is a hero with enough stuff to play without me helping him and he enjoyes it , instead of crying that a fierce set is 100b , go grind that 100b and buy it , or even better , DONT buy it , you dont need fierce set to be good at this game. And last but not least , Sixth of all , this game shouldnt be called Flyff? Flyff= Fly for fun , as far as i know flying doesnt effect sht in the game , and its fun to fly around , so why should it be changed?.
    To top it all off , if your seeking for the best game to play and enjoy low prices like the good old days , then sorry to dissapoint you but this isnt going to happend like it or not. You can or adapt and enjoy the game like the rest of us players or not adapt and keep crying and calling the game unplayable and you will keep struggling to play.
    Instead of trying to change the game that already cant be changed cause people themselves ruin it , try to change your perspective and actions instead.

    From a guy that played enough time to know both the downs and ups of flyff i send you my regards.

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