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1 event item per aoe??

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  • 1 event item per aoe??


    i wonder if the rule of 1 event item per aoe (as I read in announcement part of this forum) works only when AOE skill is used or if this rule/mechanic is also used when PSY uses crucio skill for killing more monsters.

    So my question is ... if i tank like 20 monsters with my psy and kill it only with crucio .... will I have a chance of getting more than 1 event item??

    Thank you very much for your answers.

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    ur lucky if u get 1 event item in 20 mins xD


    • Len45
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      Maybe they've done something to the drop rate in the last twelve hours because I just did three hours of farming and got 140 pouches.
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    You can have those 20 MOBs lined up attacking you and as long as you attack and kill only one at a time you may get a quest item from each.

    Edit: I looked at this again and concluded that since Crucio is not an AOE skill, your reflect damage is really attacking one MOB at a time so you should get the drops from each one as they die. Maybe you could verify this if you use Crucio on a group.
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