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is Knockback needed anymore

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  • Meanysword
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    thank you for your input. sorry you feel differently then me but training 150+ in the new dungeon because of knockbacks your pick up pet will only pick up 1/10 drops and yes i run full partys with drop buffs so there are 4+ drops per mob and with all the rocks everywhere its almost impossible to get loot without spending 50% or more of your time fixing where your pet is running to but idk maybe you havent had that problem beause you haven't tried leveling in forever or something idk your situation but most characters leveling at areas that are aplicable for their level (not to low to get damage reduction in a serious state) can at least tank one hit even without any stamina and a +3 set so its not like anyone cant out heal the mobs they are fighting.

    ps. this is also a problem in azria with all the hills everywhere because you knock mobs back off the hill and then the drops are to high in the air for even your pet to get and you have to run jump off the hill with the grab item which takes alot of time out of training so its not just high levels i'm worried about here.

    jester has a special knockback also with yoyo so they do not nessesarily need the crit knockback all other classes can survive by eating food if your training within reason of the leveling system.

    tho more posts like yours will help balance both sides of the argument so keep up the work
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  • UchihaRay
    Meanysword I understand your PoV but if you think about it for a sec..:

    1. Most of times jumping and using the command to pick up works (even when CS Pets cant reach out!) so, I am sorry, but you aren't really being reasonable here..

    2. You are talking about like some seconds per hour of would take days of farming non-stop for the "time lost" to become enough to worry about at all. you are overreacting.

    3. Are you insane? For all classes that can use that, Jester, Ranger, Blade, BP, and even Knights (1v1), that is awesome because increases the damage they can do without getting hit, of course the ranged ones benefit more (Jester has Crit based on Class so obviously a better reward on that) but still it's useful and helps out the sustain during lvls (it's only useless if you are using so many powerups or powerful equips that your char wouldn't get hurt anyway by the mobs you are hunting, which obviously isn't everyone's situation!)

    4. Not really the point here but just so you know, a really bigger problem around Flyff nowadays is how BP 1v1 isn't worth unless you are so strong you can kill without a single chance of the stun (from stonehand) to end, because there is this stupid bug that when the mob comes out of the stun he hits for all the time he was stunned (which means he hits like 3-4 times in 1 sec) so if you are not tanky enough (1v1 BP shouldn't be...) you will just die in a sec. And obviously that doesn't make sense at all. The idea of stunning is keeping the mob inactive but you shouldn't get punished for not being able to kill the mob before he gets out of the stun..see? real problems exist! <3


    Forum is already filled with nonsense complains. don't be one more, please!! <3

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  • MothSyndromE
    Does it even matter? Gala lab won't fix it anyway.

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