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  • Guild is looking for players

    Hello everyone!

    DivineOblivion is looking for new players! We are pretty active and we have our own discord channel with guides and other interesting stuff.
    We are on Mocomochi, but it doesn't matter what server are you from because of upcoming merge. (we will just add you to our channel and chat with you while waiting for merge XD).

    1) We will obtain guild house soon
    2) We have our own guides
    3) Mini-tanking service for trusted guildmates.
    4) Colloseum and dungeons runs.
    5) Guild events (hide and seek, invasion, etc).

    Just answer a few questions if you are interested:

    1) Languages
    2) Age
    3) What do you expect from guild
    4) What can guild expect from you
    5) Your characters' classes and lvl.
    6) Server

    Or you can PM me.
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