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Secret Drop Table (Experiencing It)

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  • Secret Drop Table (Experiencing It)

    Well guys as far as I know noone took the time to make it, or at least to publish it, I really think the idea of the event is good but I really think it's not fun nore fair that only some people know exactly where to farm what and most just farm whatever gets in their way without having a chance to get anything they desire. I just started so I didn't get too far on my tests, still I am planning to work on more mobs till I get a big picture (maybe at least till mobs lvl60, I wonder..)

    12/09 - Updated List:

    Small/Regular Aibatt - Pink Macaron
    Captain Aibatt - Flash Charm
    Small/Regular Mushpang - FUN
    Captain Mushpang - Yellow Balloon 6h
    Small/Regular Burudeng - Black Soccer Ball
    Captain Burudeng - Blue Balloon 6h
    Small/Regular Pukepuke - Pink Balloon 2d
    Captain Pukepuke - Blue Balloon 6h (Soul-Linked)
    Small/Regular Peakyturtle - Blue Balloon 6h (Soul-Linked)
    Captain Peakyturtle - Pink Balloon 6h (Soul-Linked)
    Urchin/Regular Demian - Pink Balloon 6h (Soul-Linked)
    Bad Demian - Blue Soccer Ball
    Small/Regular Doridoma - Sugar Boost
    Captain Doridoma - Pink Soccer Ball
    Young/Regular Lawolf - Flash Charm
    Grownup Lawolf - Yellow Cotton Candy
    1 Class/Regular Fefern - Yellow Gumball
    2 Class Fefern - Melon Cookie
    Cute/Regular Nyangnyang - Yellow Egg
    Creep Nyangnyang - Blue Macaron
    Regular/Captain Bang - Milk Chocolate
    Boss Bang - Blue Egg

    Saint Morning:
    Small/Regular Wagsaac - Love Chocolate
    Captain Wagsaac - Sky-Blue Cotton Candy
    Small/Regular Flybat - Love Chocolate
    Captain Flybat - Sky-Blue Cotton Candy
    Small/Regular Mia - Blue Cotton Candy
    Captain Mia - FLY
    Stale/Regular Mr. Pumpkin - Red Egg
    Rotten Mr. Pumpkin - Red Gumball
    Red Mantis C/B - Red Cotton Candy
    Red Mantis A - FOR
    Small/Regular Jack the Hammer - White Cotton Candy
    Captain Jack the Hammer - White Egg
    Small/Regular Giggle Box - Yellow Balloon 6h (Soul-Linked)
    Captain Giggle Box - Green Root Beer
    Small/Regular Rock Muscle - Green Macaron
    Captain Rock Muscle - Green Egg
    Small/Regular Bucrow - Green Macaron
    Captain Bucrow - Green Egg
    Small/Regular Hobo - Green Cotton Candy
    Captain Hobo - Pink Macaron
    Small/Regular Dumbbull - Flash Charm
    Captain Dumbbull - FUN
    Small/Regular Totemia - Yellow Balloon 6h
    Captain Totemia - Black Soccer Ball
    Maid/Regular Cardpuppet - Blue Balloon 6h
    Manager Cardpuppet - Pink Balloon 2d

    Garden of Rhisis:
    Small/Regular Tombstone Bearer - Blue Balloon 6h (Soul-Linked)
    Captain Tombstone Bearer - Pink Balloon 6h (Soul-Linked)
    Small/Regular Scorpicon - Blue Balloon 6h (Soul-Linked)
    Captain Scorpicon - Pink Balloon 6h (Soul-Linked)
    Phantom/Regular Basque - Blue Soccer Ball
    Lumping Basque - Sugar Boost
    Small Mage/Regular Prankster - Pink Soccer Ball
    Master Mage Prankster - Flash Charm
    Rough/Regular Wheelem - Yellow Cotton Candy
    Bouncing Wheelem - Yellow Gumball

    Ivillis Temple:
    Ivillis Crasher - Blue Soccer Ball
    Ivillis Poisoner - Yellow Gumball
    Ivillis Red Otem - Blue Macaron
    Ivillis Wrecker - Blue Egg
    Ivillis Destroyer - Red Egg
    Ivillis Black Otem - FOR
    Ivillis Puppet - Yellow Balloon 6h
    Ivillis Boxer - White Egg

    PS.: Already checked many times - the drops for Small/Regular Mobs are linked, which means, they both drop the same item and if you get from Small you won't get from Regular within the 1h reset time from when you dropped.
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    hello and thx for this note, I had exactly same result, and don't know what kind of mobb I have to kill for best drop. I try with my hero caracter and try to complete your list... don't know if we have also to specify exact time for droplist