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  • Returning noob player

    Hello, simple question here.

    I would like to know which server on NA and EU has the most active population? Thank you.

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    This has been asked frequently I am not one but if really known and daily present people on servers (EU and US) could work on a post that talks about the situation there (players on - ADVs on - shops - items frequently sold on Vendor - Lord Events frequency - price of stuff)..I really think it would help a lot and make people not ask this time to time over and over..

    But answering your question KinkyViking I believe the most active is EU Clockworks (although it has serious issues with overpriced everything) but still is the most active..sometimes Lord is really active too (not every lord..) and you can find pretty much everything being sold..just have to spend some time to get that Lusaka Bow or Lusaka 1H Axe, but it appears from time to time so you just have to be a lil my opinion the huge problem there is the Ghost DCs that keep happening to anyone at anytime..still no solution from Developers so we are just fighting long as you don't open too many clients you won't have to worry too much

    I think in US is Mocomochi..not sure though..must be pretty much the same but less intense, lower prices, less people, less shops, and lil harder to find specific items. As far as I know, not having Ghost DCs problem there..

    I think this is good luck <3


    • Len45
      Len45 commented
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      RE: Paragraph 1
      This has been asked frequently since the day FlyFF went active (2007).
      There is no way to say how many active players there are at any one time or what the average daily/weekly/monthly count may be. The best we can do is look in on a server and note the activity.
      Same thing concerning items being sold. Event type items are readily available in shops from the start of an event until sometime after it ends. Some event type items are almost always available, like Gold Packages (and the contents) among others.
      Same for prices. Prices vary widely (and drastically) depending on availability, desirability and seller knowledge of prices. My best advice is to shop around and be aware of what prices are.
      The Lord's Events occur on the Lord's schedule. The last year or so that I have been active (was ill for the two years before) these events have been pretty frequent. If you have a different schedule from the active Lord you may think there are no Lord's Events. This can happen if you are in a way different time zone or just a totally different playing time.
      In short, there is just no way to answer this type question to everyone's satisfaction and still be relevant after a short time..

      This was written from the EU Clockworks perspective.

    • UchihaRay
      UchihaRay commented
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      I understand your point Len but like..for example..a friend of mine told me the Lord on CW (some months ago) was so active that he literally managed like 9 hours straight of events and even self-made events..she ashly got to win twice and get 30 Gold Packages and a Bolo Cloak (F) as rewards..really awesome lord..but last one (ended yesterday thanks God!) was all about himself..he didn't make events to the server itself, he only held them up while he was boosting someone (and getting paid for that) so yeah..not a lot of events and not frequently..anyway at least the duration of Lord isn't too long so all we gotta do is not let the bad lords come back I guess? haha